Can you teach maths to 6 months old on your iPad- Here is how to do with Mathletics

Mathletics app

Teaching babies maths on an iPad ..well it can be fun and amazing. The company behind Mathletics has a new app for kids that targets six months old babies to learn maths. Some people will be shocked at the idea, others will see the educational benefits. Mathletics is a huge Aussie tech story, reaching the majority of schools, and millions of children the concept is to use a computer program (web based) to have kids undertake maths exercises in class or at home.

From the award winning team behind Mathletics, Baby Mathletics presents Shapes, to introduce your little one (age 6 months to 24 months) to their first maths learning experience all in easy and fun way right with an iPad.

The Mathletics Baby App on iPad

Mathletics app

You can download this app from iTunes store which is not free, yes not free but costs AU$2.99. It provides engaging, rigorous and stimulating mathematical activities to enable you as a parents to confidently and positively support your child in early mathematical development. You will find a  central character in this app, the Monkey, which is interactive and engaging while taking children on a story-book journey that encompasses a purposeful repetition and interaction with shapes. As the pages are turned, lively and enthusiastic animation will captivate a child and provide an opportunity for carers to pose questions, stimulate reactions and spark new interests in learning.

The advantages to have this app

Baby App

  • It will stimulate and develop early mathematical thinking in young child
  • Create a positive numeracy learning spaces in the home
  • Increases motivation to complete Tasks
  • Also gives early exposure to maths language before verbal communication
  • With matching symbols and shapes the kid grasps the first development skills in early maths
  • However, if you want to get more deeply integrated into the process for kids – you can record the voices used in the app.
  • Mum and Dad can voice the words like Square, Circle, so the kids are hearing you within the app.

App features

Features to be found in this app

  • You will get extensive variety with hundreds of unique shapes
  • Voice recording for each shape used throughout the app making it ideal for all languages
  • Gives a 3D look and feel
  • Multi-level and adaptive to the capabilities of the child
  • Find 24 animated screens that build upon the interaction
  • Also each page demonstrates a new scene that captivates the child

App features

Baby Mathletics creates essential maths games, apps & books which introduce children to early concepts. The online maths resources in the app aid with the learning of maths and on you can also find in their website, where they offer simple ideas on how you can fit maths into your child’s everyday life. Note that this app requires iOS 6.0 or later compatible iPad to run this app on your device.