iPad Mini 5 – What are the Features and Specifications of Interest

iPad Mini 5

Many of us were expecting iPad Mini 5 this year but now the latest rumour is that it is going to be released on the first quarter of 2017, may be on March. Your curiosity is obvious to know what are the features and specifications that might interest you. So here are the following brief of some of the things that you wish to know about (though yet all rumoured)

Specifications of iPad Mini 5

The latest installment of the iPad Mini is said to have a screen size similar to the iPad Mini 4 at 7.9 inches. But it will be thinner and lighter. Specifically, the iPad Mini 5 will be 5 mm thick.

The iPad Mini 5 will no longer have the 3.5 mm headphone jack, just like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. As such, Apple might introduce Bluetooth-powered AirPods for this device. It will also have a 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal base storage, which is expandable by up to 256 GB.

Also the iPad Mini 5 will have 12-core seventh generation PowerVR graphics, courtesy of the enhanced A9 processor.

iPad mini 5 will feature a smaller-capacity battery in order to fit into 5mm frame, but using improved technology so it doesn’t negatively impact runtime. The iPad mini 4 features a 5,124mAh battery.

There are no changes for cameras. The new iPad mini will likely feature an 8Mp camera at the rear and 1.2Mp at the front.

Features of iPad Mini 5

The iPad Mini 5 wil include pressure-sensitive 3D touch technology, an upgrade to Force Touch. Force Touch allows a device to distinguish between various pressure levels of touch, 3D Touch is basically a more sensitive, faster version.

One way to use 3D touch is through this example: by pressing a message lightly, you can peek at it, but by pressing it hard, you can see the full message.

The iPad Mini 5 will also have a waterproof and dust proof design.

Also iPad Mini 5 is said to have the 7000-series aluminium chassis which can be found in the iPhone 6S. That reduces the weight and thickness and improves the durability of the device.

When it comes to the operating system of the iPad Mini 5, it is rumored to come with the iOS 10. One can have the Apple iOS 10 on the iPad Mini 4, but only through an upgrade.

Now fingers crossed for its release date.