Is your old iPad not running iOS 13? Then think of the following options

Is your old iPad not running iOS 13? Then think of the following options

Apple introduced iOS 13 in September this year to iPad and iPhone but not all iPads are supported for this update. If your device is older than an iPhone 6s/SE, an iPod touch 7th gen, the 5th-gen iPad, the iPad mini 4, or the iPad Air 2, the most recent operating system it’s ever going to run is iOS 12. So if your iPad has older hardware, and not running iOS 13 then do the following.

Try to update it

Try to update your iPad as much as possible. Though it will get few updates or perhaps will not even do so for future security updates. On that basis, ensure it’s running the very latest iOS update available, and plan to primarily use the device offline.

Also, you will at some point start to find that apps and services require a more recent iOS than your device can run. So you’ll have to resign yourself to using older versions of some apps or games, and missing out on certain services like Apple Arcade requires iOS 13.

Turn your iPad into a reader

As iPad will have an excellent screen, and that lends itself to reading. Whether you favor iBooks, Kindle or a different service for your digital reading, this idea makes for a great option when you fancy picking up a book. Old iPads, though, are where it’s really at, with their bigger displays giving prose more room to breathe. Also, an iPad makes for a superb standalone comics reader too and you can install Chunky Comic Reader, pay the one-off IAP, and you can easily transfer your favorite graphic novels across from shared folders on networked PCs, Macs, or hard drives.

Make an iPad into a portable games machine

You won’t get Apple Arcade on any iPad that can’t run iOS 13, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play superb pokies games on older devices. Many thousands of casinos and games apps can be downloaded for free to play games that still leave you many thousands of games to choose from. With a controller like the SteelSeries Nimbus for iPad, you could turn an iPad into a dedicated gaming rig.

Sell your iPad

You can sell your iPad and put some more money to buy the latest model. Apple products keep their value more than most. You must, though, be realistic regarding the return you’ll get on years-old kit that can no longer be upgraded. Prior to selling your iPad, take a back-up if you’ll later need to restore it to a new device. Once that’s done, go to Settings, tap your name in iCloud and sign out, then go to General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Cash-in-hand is the best bet for hardware, and if you sell online, be wary of scammers. Remember to Log out and reset your old Apple device before selling it

Recycle your iPad

If your iPad is no longer working well you can simply recycle it. You might be aware of Apple’s credit program where you can recycle it.  But you won’t get any money for a device that won’t run iOS 13. However, Apple will at least dispose of your old kit for free, saving the environment by tossing it in the trash.

Give it to the kids

Shut off your WIFI, enable the parental control and give your old iPad to your kids to play games, read books, draw, paint or write or even study. Also, you can bring a cover of your iPad in case your kid drops it, put the volume low, load it up with some friendly kids app and make a perfect tablet for them to use.

Finally again note that with iOS 13, there are a number of devices that will not be allowed to install it, so if you have any of the following devices (or older), you can’t install it: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPod Touch (6th generation), iPad Mini 2, IPad Mini 3 and iPad Air.