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Established in the year 1999, Rich Casino prides itself on providing an exciting assortment of over 800 online casino games. Available both as a no-download online gaming experience or as downloadable software, Rich Casino can now be enjoyed from the touch screen of your iPad. Licensed and regulated by Curacao eGaming, Rich Casino […]

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7 Reels Casino has been a popular choice for online gamers since 2008, but is now available in a portable format on your ipad. Proudly displaying the Security Standard Council PCI, 7 Reels Casino offers a safe and secure gaming experience that complies with an internationally agreed set of standards. Licensed by the Government of Curacao[…]

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Emu Casino has been in operation since 2012, offering gamers one of the safest online casino experiences on the market for over 5 years. However, new advances in technology are now changing the way online casinos like Emu Casino are enjoyed. Tablets, iPads and Android mobile devices allow online gamers the opportunity to experience their […]

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Gambling with Real Money Using Your iPad or Tablet

The Internet has created a new e-world by taking almost everything online – right from the way we communicate to the way we play games and listen to music. What has further enhanced this experience is the transition to the mobile platform, which enables us to carry our virtual presence wherever we go. That said, Aussies thank the mobile Internet phenomenon for one thing – our pokies are now at our fingertips! You can never separate an Aussie from his pokie and all our dreams of having a slot/pokie machine within our homes have been satisfied by pokie apps right on our mobile phones and Tablets.

pokies for ipad

Have you been playing virtual pokies machines on your iPad for a long time now and have a nagging feeling that something is missing? Well, what’s missing is the money! Without real money, most of these gambling apps become boring and repetitive and you don’t feel a thing even while dealing in thousands of dollars. That’s why it’s now time to start trying out real money gambling apps. Remember that it’s not only about winning or losing the money; it’s the fun and the adrenaline rush that makes it even more exciting.

Real Money Gambling

The thrill and excitement that comes with real money gambling is second to none. In this day and age you can gamble sitting in the comfort of your own home! It’s time to whip out your iPads and tablets and get going! Why real money gambling? Here are a few reasons why real money gambling is totally worth it.

You are an Aussie– You know the thrill and excitement that you get when you sit at a poker table or put money into a pokie- we are born to gamble and gamble we will. You can now do that sitting on your favorite couch. So if this reason is not enough for you to get going, here are a few more.

Bonuses– most of the casino apps give you extra bonus money to gamble with once you have made a money deposit. Enjoy a few rounds on the house and get a feel of the game before you whip out your own cash. You also get cash bonuses throughout the games which helps you to constantly top up your capital.

Treated as VIP- Right when you join to play real with your iPad, you are treated as a VIP. Who doesn’t want that. The VIP tiers at online casinos are for every one. Be it a low stake player or a high roller. You play pokies for iPad and you get comp points. The more you earn points your VIP level steps higher and reaches to Gold, Platinum or beyond that. You get the same luxuries like a real casino. You get exclusive bonuses, your own live dealer host, perks to play more and even land on a Las Vegas casino trip with various offers and discounts.

Live casino- Live casino is only accessed in real money gambling. Live casino is now a part and parcel of every reputed online casino. The environment, look and feel all are same as a real land casino. The only difference that you are sitting at your own comfy zone be it at home or office and enjoying live casino with real live dealers.

Winning and Rewards– Why gamble if you can’t win any real money? Playing normal virtual casino and pokies games becomes boring after a while. Playing with real money gives you the chance to win big! Plus if you use your bonuses correctly and manage your cash, you can potentially take come jackpots worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! These casino apps also give you free spins and free bonus tournaments from time to time when you are playing with real cash!

The Adrenaline Rush– Most of all, even more than winning money, is the excitement and thrill of gambling that makes us play. The nervousness that comes with putting your money on line and the joy and excitement when you win is second to none.

Games to play with real money

There are hundreds of real money casino games that can be accessed with iPad either as casino apps or instantly without any download with your iPad browser safari.  Moreover, casino games are now available from a variety of software providers. You can play pokies and games like blackjack from Microgaming, Real-Time Gaming, Betsoft, Netent, Playtech, and various others. All you need is to spend a few AUD to play games in real-time.

Pokies Games

Mega Moolah pokies on iPad
Mega Moolah Progressive pokies on iPad

iPad play for real casino have hundreds of pokies at their lobby. Pokies games are actually the most popular to play and give you more fun. Among the video pokies you will find variety in reels to spin, 3 reel, 5 reel or more. Many Android pokies like progressive pokies can even make you a millionaire sitting at home. Many penny pokies though cost only less than $1 to spin though have short payouts  gives you more chances to win as wins are frequent. The higher payout pokies are also wonderful and even high rollers can punt highest like even $100 or more to win more.

The pokies games are powered by top notch gaming brands like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, RTG, Betsoft , Playn Go and others.

These pokies game are computer animated and has an appealing soundtrack. The gameplay is determined by an algorithm and dependent on which game you choose it feels like you win more or less.


Roulette on iPad
Play live roulette with your iPad

Roulette is a board game and just like pokies is the best play for real casino games to play with your iPad. Roulette originally originates from Europe and the goal is to bet on one or several outcomes. A ball is placed on a spinning wheel and will land at any number between 0-36. American variant has a double 0 and therefore is less beneficial for you as a player since you will statistically win less money.

There are several other versions apart from European roulette & American Roulette, such as Double Ball Roulette, Speed Roulette and Lightning Roulette available at online casinos.

The game is offered in two different layouts where you can choose to against a computer or a real person in live casino, both available for mobile devices:

Real-time streaming of a live Roulette dealer is done from a Live Studio somewhere in the world.

You can chat with the dealer, or with the other gamblers if you want that. All streamed in 1080p HD and you only need a WIFI connection and of course real money to utilize the casino game to the fullest. Understanding the bets in this casino game will make you more money.


Blackjack on iPad
In real money Blackjack the purpose is to get 21 or as close to 21 as possible

Blackjack is the most popular casino game and the  best card game ever to play with your iPad.  Players have more fun in this table game. With many Blackjack variants at online casinos, you will also find this game at live casinos and you can play against a live dealer. The concept is the same as any other live game whereas you can chat with the dealer and the other players.

Compared to Live Roulette which has unlimited seats at a table Blackjack has a limit of 8 seats. But with the Live-streamed version, you can now ‘bet behind’. Betting behind means you bet on another player which is on a hot streak winning many hands in a row. This feature has long been exclusive for land-based casinos.

The goal in Blackjack is quite simple. You play against a dealer who deals you cards and the purpose is to get 21 or as close to 21 as possible. Before you jump to play Blackjack first know and understand the game and play for fun before you indulge in real money.


Play for real Baccarat on iPad
Play for real Baccarat on iPad

Baccarat is another play for real card game which is very popular casino game to play on your iPad. It goes fast to learn how to play since you only bet on three outcomes; either win for the Player or the Banker, or it can end in a tie. The most well-known and still played today baccarat game variations are the French version – Chemin de Fer, Baccarat Banque, Punto Banco, also known as American Baccarat, and Mini Baccarat, which is also a popular online version.

Before you start to play Baccarat you need to know the rules and play the game for free before you sign up at an online casino to play with real money.


Craps on iPad
Craps is just like Roulette game.

Craps is a real money dice game which you can play with your friends or with a live dealer. This game comes under specialty game. Speciality games are the inclusion of games of chance that have been adapted to play and bet on at the online casino.

To play Craps for real money you only need two dices. Craps is just like Roulette game. Some bets require certain rolls before they can become winning or losing bets, thus encouraging strategy. Craps is one out of a few casino games where you can become friends with your opponents because you can choose to play with or against your opponents.

To find craps games, visit the online casino with your iPad, and after the registration at the casino go to speciality or other games section to find this game to play.

Video Poker

Video poker on iPad
Online video poker uses a 52-card deck and all variants of video poker games are based on the 5-card draw system of poker.

Video Poker is an electronic version of five-card draw Poker, but where you play against an AI. The game was invented in the 1970s when the first computers came around but has evolved a lot since then.

Like pokies games video poker also has different variations which can make you win more or less. Like Jacks or Better has an RTP (Return To Player) of 99.54% meanwhile Deuces Wild has 96.7% Some of the popular video poker games to play are Jacks or Better, Bonus, Double Double, Triple Double, Full Pay Deuces, 16/10 (Not So Ugly) Deuces, Loose Deuces, three kinds of Joker Poker, and more. Online video poker uses a 52-card deck and all variants of video poker games are based on the 5-card draw system of poker.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo on iPad
Sic Bo is just like Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack also available in Live Casino and at online casino without live dealer.

Sic Bo or Tai Sai  is originally a Chinese dice game which is also popular casino game. The dealer tosses three dices and you bet on the results. There are many different betting options whereas each bet has a different payout. Just like in Roulette, you can place as many bets as you like.

Learning the betting strategies is essential in Sic Bo, especially since Sic Bo is one of the highest paying casino games with 180 to 1 in payout.

Sic Bo is just like Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack also available in Live Casino and at online casino without live dealer. One thing to remember not all play for real casinos will have this game on their list. But not to worry many Bitcoin casinos or offshore casinos of Asian and European market will surely have this game.

Keno and Bingo

Keno on iPad
Keno is lotto game of chance play for real at iPad casinos

Keno and Bingo also come under the best casino games to play with your iPad. These short-timed lotto-type games are easily played at online casinos and are more fun to play. These games doesn’t cost much and offer more chances to win. There are many popular instant scratchies also to play right now in video format and win.

Risks Involved in Gambling Apps

pokies for ipa games

Gambling is meant to be a fun and exciting past time. Although there are a few instances where gambling might turn problematic and might involve risks – mainly psychological and in other cases monetary.

Many gambling establishments may look to psychologically manipulate individuals and earn more money for themselves by resorting to certain tactics. Especially in group gambling games such as poker where you are competing against other players, the casinos might end up giving free credit to one or two of the players. This immediately devalues the amount held by the other players and they are forced to either lose, or pay money for more credit.

Another risk involved in online mobile gambling is that there is no way to confirm the age of the person playing. There are an increasing number of adolescents resorting to these online gambling apps looking to earn an extra buck. The psychological effect this has at such a delicate age is quite adverse. Even gambling that does not involve real money is harmful. Did you know that over 500,000 children in the age group of 12-16 are engaging in gambling – both monetary and social? This is one of the main risks of mobile gambling. If you have small children at home, keep them away from your gambling games – they’ll have plenty of time as adults to learn the games.

Managing Your Money

While it is fun to gamble through your iPad and tablets, you must make sure that you manage your money properly. Do not go about making large unwarranted calls that you end up broke at the end of the game. Remember that you are playing it for the thrill and excitement first and money second – don’t forget that and don’t let it control you. Let gambling not be the reason that your son or daughter doesn’t get the college education they deserve.

The first step to managing your money properly is to set a budget. Make a resolution that you will spend, say $200 for 10 gambling days and not more. Accordingly, it is foolish to place a bet of $100 or even $50. Make small $1 – $5 bets – this will ensure that you keep going for long and can play to your hearts content. Your probability of winning also increases as the number of bets you make increases – sure the wins may not be as big as you may hope, but neither will the losses.

Manage your bankroll

In real money pokies, players have a wide range they can wager on each spin. There are 1 cent, 2 cent, 25 cent and dollar pokies, as well as plenty more other denominations you can play. With online pokies, a single game can be played at a variety of stakes, allowing you to customise the game to your liking.

You might also be concerned about your money falling into wrong hands with the increasing number of online frauds that are rampant today. But do not worry – most of the casino apps have a stable payment gateway that is trusted. Use only those apps with secure payment platforms, so that your money is in safe hands. It is your duty to make sure that your bank trusts the payment gateway. You can then transfer money any way you please – using your Visa, MasterCard or Maestro cards, wire transfer, paysafe prepaid cards or virtual wallets.
Remember to take every precaution while dealing with real money. You don’t want your hard earned money falling into the wrong hands – do you? And most importantly, remember that gambling should always be fun.

Credit and Debit Cards Accepted

Familiar to all, safe and easy to use, personal credit and debit cards are the obvious choice for many online gamers. While the immediacy of these payment methods appeals for many, some are put off by the fact that funds can take several working days to process, and that transactions with online casinos will appear on their bank statements.

Fair Go Casino latest bonuses in AUD


The new popular cryptocurrency is now available at most Australian online casinos. All you need is cryptocurrency exchange to buy the currency and a wallet to store Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and others.


Founded in 1998 and closely affiliated with eBay, Paypal is often the first name that comes to mind when people think of secure online payment processing sites. Paypal provides numerous advantages over the credit card method, not least of which are the potential for anonymity and the option to set aside limited funds for a specific use.

Some will be put off by the idea of paying via a third party however, and Paypal will also take a percentage of transactions as payment.


Like Paypal, Poli is an online banking site operating out of Australia. While Poli is more widely employed by online casinos than Paypal, patrons may be put off as Poli requires users to download their software.


NeoSurf is a 10-digit prepaid coupon, which you can utilize as an alternate process to credit and debit cards. You can obtain a voucher using cash or card at a participating outlet, or online, and use it to play internet casino games. Click here to find the Neosurf card nearest to you to buy.

NeoSurf  Australia has also teamed up with MasterCard so that you are able to choose in to get a prepaid NeoCash card, which you can use at an online casino as you would a debit card. You do not have to open a bank account to have the card, and you may make withdrawals too.


Based in the UK, Neteller is a payment processing site that is vastly popular with the online gaming community, handling over 80% of online gambling transactions since 2005. While Neteller has an excellent safety record, the firm has been embroiled with US anti-gambling laws in the past.

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