Pharaoh’s Way

Pharaoh's way

Pharaoh’s Way is a slot game released on the iOS, otherwise known as the operating system on Apple mobile products such as their iPhone or iPad, as such the game, in this context Pharaoh’s Way is meant for a Microgaming environment only. The world of Microgaming has recently taken off with typically younger generations downloading games such as Pharaoh’s Way to play whilst on the move in their day to day lives.

The theme is supposed to emulate the ancient Egyptian empires. In terms of usability, Pharaoh’s Way is actually a well built and high quality program, offering sharp, high-quality graphics in-line with the theme, fast plays, smooth animation and an array of different sounds to complement the playing experience.

Basic Features

Pharaohs way microgaming pokies

Pharaoh’s Way is a 5 reel pokies game which offers interesting gameplay to users with chances to win bonuses to free spins redeemable in-game only. There is a fair divide when it comes to Microgaming, games will either credit you in money directly after succeeding in achieving a winning combination, whereas other games will attempt to retain players by awarding them an entirely arbitrary currency which they can redeem in-game or out of the game for a generally lower exchange rate into ‘real’ money. Pharaoh’s Way awards you with Diamonds.


Diamonds are typically earned through playing repetitively, which are then used to trade-in and unlock further slots to play. The required amount of diamonds earned through regular and normal gameplay is substantially less than the amount required to level up, this linear progression tends to entice players to continue earning diamonds to increase their level and therefore betting power. Gameplay is adequate but players will tend to find that the rate they earn diamonds to up their level will be roughly proportionate to the rate at which they can earn them back, even after levelling-up so it can become fairly monotonous after a long time playing.

Pharaoh's way microgaming

Potential Bonuses

There is the option to gamble any winnings, at which point you must successfully guess the colour or suit of a card facing down on the screen, if you are correct the credit value will either double or quadruple. Whilst this kind of bonus is fairly interesting and some may say exhilarating at the beginning, as you get up to further levels and the amount of diamonds increases, taking the risk to double or nothing does become logical. Overall the game is enjoyable for a short period of time; however, repetitive playing or playing over a long period of time can lead to boredom.

How to play Pharaoh’s Way on your iPad

Pharaoh’s Way successfully recreates gaming, we imagine, as it would have been in Queen Cleopatra’s time, for us, the game is highly enjoyable and certainly recommended for both new gamers and veteran frequenters of the slots. Join the online casino with your iPad that offers this game. Click on ‘Play Now’ button. Register for free and Play right on your browser. You can play just for Fun or with Real Cash. It’s really up to you.

Pharaoh’s Way free Pokies App

Pharaoh's way pokies

You can enjoy Pharaoh’s way free pokies app on your iPad. This app is available at iTunes to download all free.  Created by Cervo media you can play this wonderful pokies for iPad all free and discover incredible games: 5 reels-4 symbols, 3 reels-3 symbols, 25 lines, 50 lines, 10 lines, consecutive symbols, 243 win-ways and many more – All in all, 35 pokies and 5 tournaments are available to play. You need iOS 6.0 and up to have this app run all smooth. Also have in app purchases if you want free credits to play more. Remember that this app is for entertainment purposes only No cash prizes, cash awards, monetary prizes can be won or withdrawn. You don’t have to use any real money to play as this game uses virtual units called “Credits” to play the game.