Slots – Black Diamond Casino‬ – The best free casino from Zynga for iPad

Slots - Black Diamond Casin‪o‬ - The best free casino from Zynga for iPad

Slots- Black Diamond Casino is the best free casino from Zynga for iPad where you can play Vegas style pokies all free.  These pokies are filled with tantalising high payouts, amazing jackpots and rewards every step of the way. Play one of their top line slot machines with authentic sounds and familiar faces from some of Hollywood’s biggest box office hits, or experience the thrill of Magic Spins and massive progressive jackpots.

Slots – Black Diamond Casino App Features

Slots - Black Diamond Casin‪o‬ - bonus

Some of the slots black diamond casino app features are:

  • Visit the first family of fright in The Munsters, join Antonio for a romantic evening in Secrets of Venice, and head back in time with Danny and Sandy in Grease Back to School  as well as many many more!
  • There are Huge progressive & personal jackpots to win.
  • Go for Progressive jackpots and leaderboard and let the whole casino know that you’re climbing the ladder.
  • WinFree Coin offers every day – the more you play, the more slots coins you’ll receive!
  • Be a VIP to get VIP Experience.
  • At this social casino app play with your friends on Facebooka and share coins.

How to get started playing Slots- Black Diamond Casino?

To get started playing Slots- Black Diamond Casino you pick your iPad and visit app store

Search for Slots- Black Diamond Casino and download the app

Click here to download

Once the game is downloaded, it will install on your iPad

Now open the app and login as guest or with your facebook account to play the pokies

As a new player you are offered 30,000,000 free coins welcome bonus

Slots - Black Diamond Casin‪o‬ - app features

The first pokies to play is Wonder woman. There are over 100 awesome pokies to play here.

At this casino app games are unlocked according to your player level, which is a function of XP. Every time you spin, you gain XP. The higher your XP, the bigger your bets, the bigger your wins and the more games you’ll be able to unlock. Just spin, and you’ll unlock new games in no time!    Some of the games contain bonus games such as Free spins and Pick bonus rounds.
In order to unlock the bonus game, at least 3 bonus symbols need to appear on an active pay-line. Check the games’ paytables to see which symbols are the bonus symbols. Similarly in  order to trigger the free spins round, land at least 3 Free spin symbols on the reels.

Diamond challenges at the casino

Diamond Challenges

Diamond Challenges is a feature at the casino in which you complete special challenges to earn Diamond Challenges points and unlock rewards. New challenges will unlock each day, allowing you to earn even more points and rewards by playing the game.

There are two types of Diamond Challenges:

  1. Daily Challenges – three of the Challenges will reset every 24 hours.
  2. Infinite Challenge – it is a Challenge that doesn’t have a reset timer and will usually take 2-3 days to complete.

Spinning in any machine will contribute towards the progress of these challenges.

Each Challenge will grant players a Challenge completion reward and Diamond Challenge points. Diamond Challenge earned from the challenges will fill the meter. Challenge completion rewards will be automatically granted to the players’ game.

At different points in the progress meter, there are Milestone rewards along with a grand reward at the end of the progress meter. Players must manually collect the rewards, if there are any uncollected rewards when the event ends, players will lose those rewards.

Also there are two types of Diamond Challenge Pass: Gold Pass and Free Pass

Gold Pass has better and bigger rewards. To get rewards from Gold Pass, players have to buy access to the Gold Pass.

The Coco’s Cabaret Rescue at the casino

Coco’s Cabaret Rescue is an event that focuses on collaboration and team competition. During the event, players will be randomly assigned to different teams of 10 to 40 members. Each team will be tasked with the challenge of finding Pearls that have been stolen from Coco. The team receives a giant reward upon completion of a level and will move up the team to a more difficult level with a larger reward.

Pearls are earned by spinning on any machine in both Main Lobby and VIP Suite. The higher you bet on the machines, the more Pearls you are likely to collect. Each member of your team will get a share of the team prize pool for completing a challenge according to your contribution. You will get a bigger share of the rewards the more Pearls you have contributed!

Each team has its own leaderboard and there are 3 types of rewards to be won:

  • Level completion reward – Each player receives the reward based on the number of pearls the player finds. To get the reward the team needs to complete that level
  • Star Contributor reward – The player who finds the most number of Pearls receives the Star Contributor award with additional reward.
  • Feature end reward – All players receive a participation reward at the end of the event in proportion to the total Pearls that they find.

Bingo game at Diamond Casino

Bingo game at diamond casino

Bingo is a solo gameplay event feature that rewards players with coins after completing a pattern. The feature will be available to players who have reached level 9, and it will appear in the main lobby of Diamond Casino app.

To be able to play Bingo, you need to collect 45 Balls from any of the Machines in the Main  Lobby and VIP suite.

The player will have one Bingo card per game and can win multiple Bingos during the event. The player must finish the entire game to maximize the Bingo Balls that were collected.

Bingo game to play at diamond casino

After the event (win or loss), the Bingo Balls counter will reset to zero and the player can start collecting Bingo Balls again.

Bingo Balls will randomly drop in the game by spinning on any machines. Reward coins will be awarded if the number on the Bingo Ball matches the number on the Bingo Card.

Each Bingo card has 25 spaces on it, 24 random numbers between 1 and 75, and 1 “free” space.

Collect Bingo balls to complete the pattern highlighted on the Bingo Card. Bingo will be called automatically as soon as a player completes a line and Reward coins will be added to the player’s coin balance.

The Bingo winning pay lines will be:

  • All vertical lines
  • All horizontal lines
  • Two diagonals

Once a player completed a line, Bingo is called automatically, and a pop-up message will appear in the game indicating the prize amount.

Special lines provide higher rewards. The Bingo Card will have different lines with various rewards. These are:Gold line:

  • Grants the biggest reward.
  • Silver lines: The reward is higher than Bronze lines and normal lines.
  • Bronze lines: Grants a reward greater than the normal lines.
  • Other: All other lines (horizontal and diagonal lines). Gives a normal reward.

Now enjoy pokies and Bingo games at this casino or join pokies tourneys to win more. The app requires iOS10.0 and up compatible iPad.

Though the app is free it offers in app purchases if you wish to buy more coins. Small pack of coin costs AU$2.99 and large pack costs $159.99. This is free game app where no money is required to play and what you win is also virtual free coins to play more. The app offers player support in case you face any issue in the game play.

If you are not interested in play for fun or free pokies app then you can try your hand at real money play for money online casinos for iPad.