Which iPad is best to buy now in 2019?

Which iPad is best to buy now in 2019?

The new iPad Air and iPad Mini was released few months back and many tablet fans want to know which iPad is best to buy now in 2019. Well, the answer to this question entirely depends on your need. Suppose you love pokies and games to play then obviously you fill start looking for the best screen size and display. Similarly if you want your iPad only for music or drawing or say office work you can buy Pad Air or even iPad mini. This shows that you can choose best iPad model according to your need and requirement. If only you think of iPad for general purpose then iPad mini is the best choice for many and if you want a substitute for your laptop then iPad pro is the best one.

Best iPad to buy

iPads with size and resolution to compare

  • Standard iPad size 9.7 inches and has resolution of 2048 by 1536 and density of 264ppi
  • The iPad Air comes with screen size of 10.5 inches and 2224×1668 inches with 264ppi density.
  • The iPd pro comes with 11 inches screen and resolution of 2388x 1668 and density of 264 ppi.

All three mid-sized iPads boast similar displays. So, while the resolutions change as the displays get larger, Apple hasn’t compromised on density – something you often see when buying lower-cost displays.

Where the three models differ is that the iPad keeps things simple. It doesn’t boast Apple’s True Tone system that uses a sensor to detect the ambient light and automatically adjusts the display’s colours to better but the ambient light. While both the iPad Air and iPad Pro get True Tone, only the iPad Pro gets ProMotion – Apple’s latest screen tech that increases the display refresh rate to 120Hz and lower latency.

The iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini ship with the latest silicon to come from Apple – the A12 processor with Neural Engine. This CPU is the same in all the iPad range except the iPad which retains the A10 processor.

Apple supports the Apple Pencil right across its entire range now. But only the iPad Pro works with the second generation Apple Pencil.  To have iPad Wifi or Wifi cellular is again your choice.

iPad for students

Best iPad for students

With many schools now asking students to bring their own tablet or computer to school, many parents are looking at the iPad as that computer which makes the standard iPad the best option here. Performance is solid and it is Apple’s lowest cost alternative. It retains Apple’s Lightning connector so schools that are set up with changing banks and other accessories will be easy to work with.

iPad for professionals

iPad for professionals

Depending on your needs and what portable computer you already have, the iPad Air or iPad mini make great complementary systems if you have another computer.

The iPad Air has a bunch of accessories that make it a reasonable compromise between a full laptop solution and a tablet. There are messaging, office productivity and lots of other apps that keep your working, as well as solid options for accessing media and consuming content. There are also lots of keyboard and protective cases on the market which add to this type of iPad users.

iPad Pro for those who can afford

iPad pro price in Australia

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is great and the smaller 11-inch iPad Pro is a great portable computer, it’s hard to justify the extra cost it comes with when compared to the slightly smaller iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro, is really made for Apple fans who can afford and love using latest technologies. It’s where Apple has trialled a new Apple Pencil, USB-C, four-speaker sound, ProMotion and a slew of other features that will eventually filter down to the mid-range iPad Air and iPad mini and, in a couple of generations, to the iPad.

The price of iPads

This is important factor when considering buying an iPad. As said if you can pocket heft amount go for iPad pro. Apple has iPad options ranging from $469 for an entry level iPad all the way to $2569 for a maxed out iPad Pro. Once you settle on an iPad family it’s then about balancing your storage and needs.

  • Standard 9.7 inch iPad with 32 GB costs $469 with WIFI and $669 with WIFI and Cellular.
  • iPad Air with 10.5 inch 64 GB costs $779 with WIFI only and $979 with WIFI and Cellular
  • iPad Mini with 7.9 inch 64 GB costs $599 with WIFI only and $799 with WIFI and Cellular.
  • iPad pro with 11inc screen and 64 GB storage costs $1229 with WIFI only and $1449 with WIFI and cellular.

Remember that cost and pricing doesn’t stop here as you will also want few iPad accessories like keyboard or apple pencil which is extra 100-300 dollars.

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