10 Best Notification Center Widgets for iPad in iOS 9

You must have seen that widgets first appeared in iOS 8 to display information and alerts  in your iPad’s notification center. This feature is more advanced in iOS 9. Here are the 10 best notification center widgets for iPad in iOS 9

1. Afar Travel Guide

Afar Travel Guide

Afar Travel Guide widgets displays cool things nearby to explore, broken down by tabs eat, drink, do, and more. With this app you can look at travel guides for cities and countries around the world, which is created by AFAR-appointed experienced travellers and locals. You will find more then 80,000+ unique travel experiences, and this widget will give you a lot of information to plan your day and night trips. This free app can be downloaded from iTunes

2. Ancestry


This app is great to get information about your family history. You can find out from where you came from, through photos, stories and historical documents. You can explore your ancestral stories and its widget reminds you of milestones from your family tree, like birthdays, anniversaries and death dates. You can even save your family’s important dates in history with the help of this app.

3. Audible


Audible is the best app to listen to audio books on your iOS device. With its widget you’ll also be able to tell at a glance how many hours you’ve been listening to books over the past day, week, month, or since your membership began. There are also indicators of how close you are to reading milestones, and encouragements to push on for a few chapters more and gain one of the services many badges.

4. Buzz Feed


With Buzzfeed you can know what is the latest going on around the world. You can get all the news about celebrities to politics to gadgets and even pets. Its widget shows you one article at a time, with an image, which you can tap to read, bookmark, or skip to check out another story.

5. Calendars 5

Calendar 5

Calendars 5 is a fully fledged organisation app, complete with iPad optimized versions. It also packs a very handy widget that displays your daily agenda and also allows you to add entries directly from the widget.

6. Duo lingo

Duo Lingo

This is best to learn a new language. With its widget built to include your daily goal and progress too, it allows you to keep on-track with your learning.

7. Ever note


Evernote is a handy app, specially when you want to create a text document for remembering important facts, or take a snapshot of that birthday present idea, just drag down on the Notification center and tap the icon on the widget.

8. Guardian


The Guardian app is a modern, digital newspaper, and with this widget you can have three headline stories always sitting in your notifications window. You can select the new you wish to get displayed like top stories, games, technology etc.

9. Hours Time Tracking

Hours Time Tracking

Hours tracking app is a useful app and a fast way to record your routines. You can create different timers for specific tasks like surfing Facebook; listening to music. The results are added to a daily timeline so you can build up detailed reports of your activities. The widget gives you direct access to all your timers with just one swipe, and you can start and stop them right there in the notification windows.

10. iTranslate


There are many apps on iOS that allow you to translate text, spoken words in no time. iTranslate takes this idea and makes it easy to get fast translations directly from the notification centre. After setting the language you want translated in the app itself, the widget will now quickly convert any text in the clipboard.

Simply drag the notifications window down, tap the widget and your message is immediately inserted and translated. You can have other widgets also like open table; parcel travel tacking; Wdgts; World mate and many more.

If you are thinking of how to edit your widgets then before you download any new apps, take a look at your current Notification Centre to see what’s already there. Swipe down from the top of your screen, then tap the Today tab.

You will see Apple’s widget listings there, which include Calendar, Weather, Stocks and Reminders. Scroll down to the bottom of the Today tab and tap Edit to add more. You’ll then see a list of every app on your iPad that is compatible with widgets, meaning the developer has built that functionality into the app itself. Happy Widgeting.