5 ways to prepare yourself for your iPad to upgrade iOS10

iPad iOS 10

iOS 10 released on September and it is time to prepare your iPad to download the latest and greatest iOS firmware release from Apple. If you are jail broken and you intend to stay jail broken because upgrading to iOS 10 will cost you your jailbreak. On the other hand if you’re not jail broken then there are 5 ways to prepare yourself before for your iPad to upgrade.

1. You need to look for compatibility of your device

iOS 10 has tons of new features to Apple’s mobile operating system, but you’ll only get to use them if you can install it on your device. Apple limits the devices that iOS 10 can be installed on because of performance or usability reasons. Before using your time to download the software update from Apple, make sure you have a compatible device.

The incompatible devices are iPhone 7; iPhone 7 Plus; iPhone 6s; iPhone 6s Plus; iPhone 6; iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone SE; iPhone 5s; iPhone 5c; iPhone 5; iPad Pro 12.9-inch; iPad Pro 9.7-inch; iPad Air 2; iPad Air; iPad 4th generation; iPad mini 4; iPad mini 3; iPad mini 2; iPod touch 6th generation. If you don’t have any of the devices listed above, then you won’t be able to install iOS 10

2. Before upgrade back up your device

Though software updates go smoothly when you download them from Apple and attempt to install them, but at times, bugs in the download or glitches in the install process can leave you with having to restore in iTunes and losing all of your data.

Before all major upgrades, you should back up your device, either through iTunes or via iCloud. Doing this through iTunes might be faster if you have a slower internet connection.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a PC to do this with you can use iCloud to back up your data, and if anything goes wrong, it’s easy to just restore from that backup and migrate all of your personal data and settings back to your device.

3. Remember your Apple ID login details

It is quite often that one tends to forget their Apple login details so it is for sure to remember your user name and password because you’re going to need them to set up and activate your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad after installing iOS 10.

If you will forget the credentials you’ll be spending additional time sending a password recovery email to yourself to go through the steps of recovering a forgotten password to log into your account, so to save yourself from the frustration it is better to remember the login details.

4. Have a good Wi-Fi network

If you want to download iOS 10, you will need a Wi-Fi connection because unfortunately Apple’s iOS devices don’t allow OTA downloads over cellular. You can’t even download iOS 10 on your Mac without a Wi-Fi connection.

If you are not in range of Wi Fi then plan ahead of time to make sure you’re going to be in range of a Wi-Fi network so that you can download iOS 10 smoothly.

5. Have Patience

Many a times with so many of people on the upgrade queue to download on Apple’s servers many a times servers can only handle only much bandwidth at a time, you can expect delays, download errors, or even slow downloads so better have patience.

After you are all well prepared then you are all set to upgrade your iPad iOS 10.