A Comparison between Android and IPhones

Before Android made its venture into the tech sphere, it was just easy to choose a phone. Apple’s iPhone or iOS mounted as an essence of supreme quality. Though, Android did not allow it to dominate the market for long. It improved the difficulties for the iPhone by not only taking market share but also evolving as the favorite option when it comes to efficient systems. Despite its massive approval, there are still some areas where Android has not been able to beat the iPhone.

A Comparison between Android and IPhones
A Comparison between Android and IPhones

Suppleness regarding User-Interface

Android is an open source podium. Unlike its contestant iOS, it offers users with better customization ability. The capability goes beyond the simple factory settings, but when it comes to the iPhone, they do not allow the same liberty as its competitor.


User interface customization is a real point of Google’s operational system, but it is also the reason for an unpredictable user experience. First, there are numerous versions of the functional system. Second, Smartphone companies top it up with their user interface. So, user experience differs extensively across smartphones. This is where Apple triumphs as it is not a split operating system. It offers consistent user experience across all iPhone devices.

Simplicity of Use

Apple’s iOS, due to its inbuilt user interface, emerges as a more accessible option. It does not include a significant learning turn.  It is a good alternative if this is your first smartphone since you can start using it as soon as it is out of the box.

Device Selections

The Android wins by far in this, a wide range of devices from leading shippers and tech companies namely Samsung, HTC, LG, and Sony ship with Google’s operational system. This means an endless list of selections with many configuration options and also, a new Android device on the market every second month. As much as Apple is concerned, it limits itself to one major release per year. Therefore, users will have to wait longer for hardware and software improvements with an iOS device.

A Comparison between Android and IPhones

App Store

Apps are significant for they increase the functionality of a smartphone. Apple’s app store boasts of more than 200,000 free and paid apps while Android’s marketplace is limited to half the number. Android has a great market share, but Apple has a superior app store.

There are many differences between the two mobile operational systems. Android as an open source platform suitable for multitasking, it is also a valuable pick for power users. Apple is supreme in its polish and finish.