All the new things to find in the new iPad Pro

The new iPad pro 2018

The new iPad Pro was launched last year and is packed with all new features which are quite interesting.  Two versions of the 2018 iPad Pro comes in  11 inch and 12.9 inch each has the option of 64GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB of storage. All versions offer faster data transfer and charging, as well as 5K video output to external monitors. Here are few of the new features you will find in the new iPad pro.

Home Button Gone

Home Button in iPad pro

One of the biggest changes to the new iPad is that you won’t find the home button and now has the Face ID instead as well as smaller bezels. Face ID is positioned across the top of the tablet when in landscape orientation,  and you’ll be able to unlock the device in portrait mode too without issue.

A12 Bionic Chip

Bionic Chip

With new A12 Bionic chip in the iPad Pro which boasts an 8-Core CPU and a 7-core GPU. It is 35 per cent faster when performing single-core tasks and 90 per cent faster in multi-core workloads. Also interestingly the new iPad Pros can be configured with up to 1TB of storage.

USB- C Port

USB C Port

The new iPad also comes with USB-C port and can reverse charge other devices, albeit with a cord. In the new iPad Pro you won’t find traditional Lightning port but now has USB-C. This has several advantages such as the ability to send out 5K video to external monitors, faster data transfer, and speedier charging. Also the iPad Pro’s USB-C port can also be used to reverse charge other devices such as an iPhone.

Updated Apple Stylus

iPad Pro 2018

Talking of Apple pencil, the iPad Pro’s stylus also got an update in the form of the new Apple Pencil. Now you’ll be able to tap and swipe along the side of the pen to do things such as change fonts or stroke weights. Also when you need to recharge the new Pencil, you can attach it magnetically to the side of the iPad Pro, which also doubles as a way to store the Pencil when it isn’t in use. Apple has streamlined the Pencil 2’s design by removing the thin strip of metal found on previous models. The iPad pencil costs $199.

Smart Folio Keyboard

Smart Folio Keyboard iPad Pro

If you love  typing then new iPad Pro keyboard Smart Folio has been updated with a new Smart Connector on its back that uses 102 magnets to attach and communicate with an iPad Pro. This should make connecting the keyboard a much simpler process, and with a new second angle of adjustment, it should be easier to use an iPad Pro in awkward environments such as an aeroplane tray table. Keyboard costs $269.

But the new Smart Folio still doesn’t have a touchpad, which means you’ll still have to rely on an Apple Pencil for more precise movements.

Price iPad Pro

Finally with the fantastic battery life the new iPad pro is much faster than previous ones as the latest iOS also keeps iPad from being better for productivity. At the time of writing the new iPad pro with the 11-inch will start at AU$1,229 and the 12.9-inch at AU$1,529.