Android or an iPad? What is right for you?

Technology you can take with you

Today everyone is constantly on the go, and they want to take their technology along. Sometimes your iPhone is enough to get you through a busy day, but more often than not, you need the abilities of a computer. Once you decide to buy a tablet, you have to decide which one.

We hope that this article can shed a little light on the subject. There are so many available – The iPad? A Google Nexus? A Kindle Fire? How about the Galaxy Tab? This can be a serious dilemma, but one you can solve by asking yourself, “What do I want in a tablet.”

Android or an iPad? What is right for you?
Android or an iPad? What is right for you?

IPad is proven versatile and user friendly

While they each have their own strong points, the iPad is part of a vast network that gives it strength and legitimacy. It has the App Store, with its one million plus apps, iPhone compatibility, and many accessories. The iPad has advanced pat just speakers and tablet cases and headphones. You can find everything from an app to hook your guitar into an iPad to turning your iPad into a slot machine, a level, or a scientific calculator.

There is trust and reliability in the Apple name

The iPad is also proven to be more reliable and user friendly than Android tablets. Apple’s rigorous inspection routine has each app approved individually. This is your promise that it will do what it claims to with little or no problems.

This is possible with iPad apps because Apple and their app developers need only support a finite number of devices, making it is easier to eliminate any bugs. IPads are also simpler to understand, making them more users friendly.

When you combine these facts with the knowledge that the iPad is also a market leader in handheld technology, and, with each new release, Apple is continually pushing the industry forward iPad is the logical choice.

Android or an iPad? What is right for you?
Android or an iPad? What is right for you?

Quality control helps keep prices affordable

While it is possible to pay less for a cheaper Android tablet, the iPad Pro often exceeds the performance of many laptops. Need another selling point for the iPad? How about the price? Because. Apple strives to keep older models in production; they keep prices on newer models low.

If you love to watch movies, stream video, and listen to music the iPad is definitely for you. You can enjoy topnotch technology that is not too overwhelming. If you already own any Apple products, your iPad is the perfect companion.