Apple may bring Face ID to the iPad soon this year

Face ID on iPad

The launch of iOS 12 has brought in many new features for  Apple devices. Also with the latest launch in the line up of iPad 2018 it has brought in the support for Apple Pencil along with advanced Augmented Reality applications a new iPad Pro was expected to unveil this year’s WWDC, but didn’t happen eventually. However, it seems that the iPad Pro will see a successor with several features as well as design elements as of iPhone X with iOS 12’s codes.

Steve Troughton Smith, a developer by profession, has uncovered Apple’s plans to make the next iPad Pro revolutionary. While hunting iOS 12’s AvatarKit SDK on the iPad, he came across certain codes that hint towards the compatibility of Animojis and Memojis for iOS devices with bigger displays. This indicates that the iPad will eventually be able to receive and might even be able to send Animojis as well as Memojis. For making these features work, Apple would need to implement the FaceID system into the next iPad.

With the availability of FaceID on an iPad, Apple might remove the TouchID fingerprint sensor, which might eventually lead Apple to kick out bezels from all the sides, similar to the iPhone X.

There are chances that these speculations may never be able to make it to reality. But if they do, the next iPad will be in comeptition the upcoming flagship tablet from Samsung head-to-head. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab S4 is also rumoured to sport narrow bezels all around and feature the Galaxy Note’s series’ iris sensor for biometric verification which shows that the world of tablets is going to be attractive this year.

Some leaked features of iPad Pro

Face ID on iPads

An iPad Pro would the TrueDepth camera also makes sense because iOS 12 brings multi-user support to Face ID. This feature doesn’t make much sense on an iPhone, but an iPad is generally shared between family members.

All of this would mark a major redesign for the iPad, where the home button gets removed and replaced by iPhone X-like gesture navigation. There’s new gesture navigation already baked into the iOS 12 beta for iPad when accessing Control Center.

Face ID necessary for Animoji and Memoji

Face ID for Animojis in iPad

Bringing Face ID to the iPad isn’t just about security. It’s also about adding Animoji and Memoji to the best tablet often shared between family members to have fun. FaceID is already coming to multiple iPhones this fall, according to a financial report from Apple VCSEL supplier, Finisar. So, it’s not much of a stretch for the TrueDepth sensor to be included in the next iPad as well.

If Apple does include these features into the new iPad Pro, it could be a major upgrade over last year’s model. You shouldn’t have to wait much longer to see if any of this is true either as Apple could announce the next lineup of iPads in September alongside the iPhone XI and iPhone 9 and then more secrets that are hiding in iOS betas will uncover.