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News apps for iPad

If you are looking for an app that is worthy enough to get you to the latest news then keep on reading below. Each year hundreds of new apps arrive at the app store and one the genres of these is obviously news alongwith games apps which are quite popular. Here are some of the latest award winning news apps for your iPad.

PBS has never looked brighter


This enlightened new app allows you to stream your favorite shows straight from public TV. Enjoy favorites like Masterpiece Theatre, sensation shows such as Downton Abbey, Wolf Hall, and the hit series, NOVA. These shows and so much more are available at the touch of a button. More shows are added to the line-up daily, so you will always find something you want to watch. Customize the app to synchronize with your local PBS station, or use it with Chromecast, and stream it on the big screen for the whole family to watch together. Download the app now.

SmartNews is the smarter way to get your news

Smartnews app

Ever get tired of wading through irrelevant stories and uninteresting reports just to watch the news that matters to you? Smart News is the revolutionary app that brings you trending stories sorted based on subject matter. It is a time saving and efficient way to browse through only the news that matters to you. The interested style will help you discover fresh content that peak your attention. SmartNews is  Partnered with names like  NBC News, Medium, USA Today, TIME, Bleacher Report, Quartz, VICE, Reuters, AP, and Perez Hilton, to name a few. Reading news on-line has always been a great way to get your news fix, watching the SmartNews app on iPad just made it better. Download the app now.

BuzzFeed has done it again!

Everybody’s favorite fun factoid site has done it again. Remember when BuzzFeed took the world by storm with its unique content in the form of “listicals”? Everyone loved it so much it soon went viral. Well now, you have an app that puts everything in one customizable place. Choose the types of articles you want see. Use the easy to read menu to quickly find quizzes, what is hot, and what is not, latest trends, or breaking news. Whether you are having fun viewing GIFs or catching up on some serious new stories, you are going to love this app. Download the app now.

Enjoy the news they it ought to look

Flipboard app

Flip board in the innovative new app that scours the media for relevant news that you want to see and displays it in an appealing digital magazine format. Catch up on the news that interests you from around the world. Search for the stories that you want to see and then peruse the headlines, or enjoy full articles. This award-winning app lets you decide. Download this app now.

Besides these there are many other news apps like Digg, Mix, Zig, News360, Reditt, Pocket, Nuzzle, Feedly, Tweetdeck and others.

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