The best twelve tips for navigating the iPad and iPhone on iOS 11


With the latest release of iOS11 for your Apple iPad, you will find that it is packed with lots of high end features providing you great experience when you use them. Here are the best twelve tips that you can use to navigate your iPad or iPhone on iOS11 which will surely help you in a long way without any difficulty

1. View App dock

App Dock iOS11

he app dock can hold a lot of apps. Drag one down from your home screen to place it in the dock. Regardless of the app you are in, the dock is a swipe up from the bottom of the screen away.

The old dock was just a set of four to six app icons (usually your most-used apps) that were always at the bottom of the Home screen. Now you can have far more icons in it and it does much more, too.

For one thing, the apps that appear in the Dock to the right of the line are dynamic – either recently used, or currently being used on other devices you use, thanks to Handoff.

Also the Dock is now accessible from any screen, not just the Home screen(s): swipe up from Safari, say, and it’ll pop up, giving you easy access to your favourite apps – and if you tap and hold one of the icons so it starts jiggling, you can drag it on to the main screen and it’ll turn into a split screen tab, if your screen supports it in your current viewing orientation.

2. Have customized control center

Customize Control Center

This is one of the most evident iOS 11 features that you must have noticed while using iOS 11 for the first time. This was a much-needed feature that plenty of Apple followers were already waiting for. Now, you can easily customize the Control Center on your device.

Simply go to your device’s Settings > Control Center to add or remove various shortcuts on it. Also, you can simply drag and drop the provided sections in order to rearrange these options and customize your tablet experience. The controls at the top are the ones that are currently included: tap the red symbol to remove them, or use the triple-line icon on the right to drag them around and change the order in which they appear. The ones below are not currently shown: tap the green symbol to add them.

3. Take instant actions

Instant Actions

If you love instant actions you can now be able to swipe left from the Lock screen to jump into Camera. Apple’s added another one to let you take notes suddenly for those “Quick! Grab a pencil!” moments. Tap your Apple Pencil on the Lock screen and you’ll jump into Notes, ready to scribble down whatever couldn’t wait.

4. Type commands to Siri

iOS11 Siri

With iOS 11 you can access Siri without the need of providing voice commands. For years, the AI-enabled assistant could process only voice commands. Now, you can also type anything to Siri to seek its assistance without giving any voice command. To do so, just enter Siri’s interface and type anything you want to ask.

5. Have instant WiFi sharing

iOS11- Wi Fi

Till now you have been typing WiFi passwords to access a network. With iOS 11, you can easily share WiFi passwords from one device to another wirelessly. After entering the range of a new WiFi network, simply hold your iPad nearby an unlocked iOS 11 device that is already connected to the same network. This will send a request to this device. After granting the request, you will receive the password over-the-air and can connect to the new WiFi network on the go.

6. Manage your apps

iOS 11- Apps

You can simply get rid of unused apps while retaining its data now with iOS 11. You can offload an app, and remove it from your device to get more space. Though, you can also reinstall it in the future and use it without experiencing any data loss.

Simply turn on the feature of Offload Apps on iPad/iPhone storage. Now, visit the app you wish to offload and simply tap on the “Offload App” button. This will let you manage the storage on your device easily.

7. Do screen recording

Screen recording

With iOS 11, you can now record the activity on your device’s screen with a single tap. The control center has an option for Screen Recording. All you got to do is tap on this button to start recording. When you are done recording, tap on the blue bar (at the top of the screen) to stop it. Your video recording will be saved on your device storage.

8. Opt for Do not Disturb while driving

Do Not Disturb

Apple has come up with this remarkable feature to keep you safe. Considered as one of the best iOS 11 tips, it can help you drive safely without getting distracted by your mobile. Simply put your iPad or iPhone on the “Do not Disturb while Driving” mode and stop receiving unnecessary notifications.

Afterward, your iPad or iPhone won’t display any notification as long as you are driving. You can set a customized message for your “favorite” contacts as well to stay in touch with them when you are driving.

9. Go low power mode

Lower power mode

If you find your device running low on battery, then you can simply turn on the “Low Power Mode”. This will automatically shut down the background apps, lower the screen brightness, adjust network settings, and perform various steps to boost the battery of your device.

You can simply turn on/off this feature from the Control Center on your tablet/ phone. If you don’t find it on the Control Center, then simply visit your iPad’s Settings > Control Center and “add” it there for your convenience.

10. Create PDF files from Safari

Create pdf

With iOS 11, Safari provides a way to export any page as a PDF document. Whenever you wish to convert a page to a PDF document, simply visit its options and tap on the “Markup as PDF”. This will convert the page into PDF and let you mark up as well with some editing tools.

11. Use smart Invert

Smart Invert

While iOS 11 doesn’t have a dedicated “Dark Mode” feature, it has compensated it with Smart Invert. All you got to do is visit your iPad’s Settings > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors and turn on the feature of “Smart Invert”. This will change the entire system intelligently (flipping white to black, blue to orange, and so on). If you don’t like the blinding whiteness on your device, then this is a perfect solution.

12. Track a flight

Track a flight

Now with iOS 11 if you wanna pick your family, friends or you are travelling yourself simply type the flight number into Safari’s address bar and you’ll see details of the flight pop up. Tap on that and you’ll see not just the flight times and status, but a real-time map of where the plane actually is.

All these 12 awesome tips will surely make your iPad work more smarter than before.