Do you wish to Change Your iTunes Store Location on iPad- Follow this Trick

iPad App Store
iPad App Store

Wanna change your iTunes store location on your iPad? But why? The reason is that the need to change your iTunes store location arises if you are not able to get access to any pokies games app or any utility app for your iPad. If you remember when you buy your iPad you create an Apple ID and this Apple ID is associated with the country where you live in. You access your iTunes store with this Apple ID.

So to get access to the apps that are only country specific you need to do a trick to change it with your Apple ID.  Doing so you reach out to those apps and content that were meant for a country that you do not belong to and it’s extremely helpful for a variety of situations, whether for travelers, expatriates, or for anyone who is trying to view, download, or purchase items on another countries App Store or iTunes Store. While switching is easy, there are a few things to consider when changing the Apple ID country.

Remember before you begin that  adjusting the country association with iTunes will also change the country for the App Store, and vice versa. In other words, if you set the country to be “USA” or “Japan” on your iPad for the App Store, that change will carry across to the Apple ID to your other devices using the same ID. That includes a Mac , iPhone, or whatever else you’re logged in with. Basically, the country sticks with the Apple ID, just remember that.

Now follow the simple steps below to change your iTunes store location

Go to the Settings on your iPad

Tap on the entry for iTunes & App Stores in the left sidebar

iTunes on iPad

Tap on the very first entry on the iTunes and App Stores page – the one that says Apple ID and shows your ID.

Apple ID on iTunes
Apple ID on iTunes

You’ll get an Apple ID popup dialog. Tap on the View Apple ID button.

Apple ID Screen
Apple ID Screen

Enter your password when prompted.

Once you’ve signed in with your password you’ll see the Account Settings screen next. Tap on the bar labelled Country/Region – and select the location you want your ID to be associated with.

Account Settings
iTunes Account Settings

Point to note is that if you have an active iTunes Match subscription you’ll be prompted to cancel it before you can change your store setting.

You can also make these changes in the App Store app – by going down to the bottom of the Featured area to the Quick Links section, tapping on your Apple ID, and then following the same steps as above. Visit “this link” to learn more

Do note that if you change the country associated with an Apple ID, you will need to update billing information so that it corresponds to an appropriate address in the new country. That is required before you will be able to purchase anything from the new countries app store, though gift cards work as well if they are issued in the country of choice, and you can also switch countries with iTunes accounts that have been setup without a credit card on file and download free apps and music only.

Also remember that some apps will no longer be able to update if they were available on one countries App Store and not another. That can be remedied by changing the country back to the original country that was associated with the download or purchase.

You won’t be able to switch countries if you have any remaining iTunes account balance, and you would get a message that says “you must spend your balance before you can change stores.” This limitation also applies to accounts with an active iTunes Match subscription.

What does the Apple recommend?

Apple recommeds the following points to take care of before you change the location of your iTunes store?

  1. Spend any store credit remaining on your Apple ID. You must also wait for any pending store credit refunds to process before you can change your country or region. Learn what to do if your remaining store credit is less than the cost of a single item.
  2. Cancel any subscriptions, including Apple Music, and wait until the end of the subscription period to change your country or region. You’ll also have to wait for any memberships, pre-ordersiTunes movie rentals, or Season Passes to complete.
  3. Have a payment method for your new country or region on hand. For example, only German credit cards can be used to buy content from the German iTunes Store, iBooks Store, and App Store.
  4. Back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iTunes. You might need to temporarily downgrade your iCloud storage until you switch to the new country or region.

If you’re a part of a Family Sharing group, you might not be able to change your country or region. Learn how to leave a Family Sharing group.

You can redownload your past purchases before you change your country or region, and you might be able to redownload many of them after you make the change.