Google Inbox App for the iPad

Google has recently released Inbox App for iPad. This is highly customizable app and fairly easy to use.

Distinctive feature of this Gmail is the bundling of messages in to different categories represented by intuitive icons such as an airplane representing travel and a shopping cart representing purchases.


Some interesting Menu of this Inbox App having organised categories:

  1. Snooze: Messages not having your time to read them but you will catch up later on
  2. Done List: Archive of complete correspondence of your mails
  3. Reminders: Records of reminder messages
  4. Travel: Your travel schedule
  5. Purchase: Your prescription refills or i Tune purchases
  6. Finance: Relating mails to finance and taxes
  7. Social: Tumblr and Linkedin
  8. Promotions; Collects promotional messages
  9. Updates: Can be your mail updates, forum updates
  10. Forum: Shared with friends and their petitions and entries from mailing list
  11. Low priority emails: Not so important mails
  12. Creating new category- Like to do list. You have the option to create new category.
  13. Pin a message: Makes it highly visible to the top of your list. Moving the pin toggle left or right let you see the pinned items.

    Upon downloading the app, you immediately get a list of all your Google Gmail accounts and you can choose which ones you want Inbox to monitor. It also intertwines with the Google+ services and G+ appears on top of your inbox giving you a visual cue of your account that you are using.

    It is a invite app where you have someone to invite or you send some request invitation. The invite-only email client for tablets is already available for Android, promising to provide a new way for consumers to interact with incoming mail. This version 1.2 has an optimized interface for iPad users. It’s an interesting way to use email for sure where you choose to bundle or unbundle categories that better relate to your own correspondence.

    Inbox App is also available as a Web app, so like Gmail, you can access it from your Chrome browser. The Web version is instantly recognizable with the same layout as the smart phone app. iPad has a pretty standard email set up.