How to buy Bitcoins from your iPad to play real money games at casinos?

How to buy Bitcoin from your iPad to play real money games at casinos?

Most of the online iPad casinos are now offering pokies and casino games in Bitcoins and other digital currencies. You can play and enjoy these games in real time with real BTC deposits with your iPad.

If you are looking forward to play pokies, do sportsbetting, enjoy esports, or play at live casinos with Bitcoins then here is how to buy or sell Bitcoins from your iPad.

To get started first you need to look for best Bitcoin apps for your iPad. There are many at app stores. Go for the trusted ones. Here as an example and to make things understandable we have taken the example of Bitcoin app called Airbitz which is very popular Bitcoin wallet to buy or sell BTC or any other digital currency.

AirBitz App - The bitcoin wallet for iPad

So first download Airbitz app on your device that is your iPad. The app is available for free.

  • Now launch the app
  • To create your account you need to enter your email, password.
  •  Next, you have to verify your identity. In some cases, it might take about two hours for the verification of your identity.
  • Now connect your bank account.
  • It may take a couple of days for the process to be completed.

How to Buy Bitcoins from your iPad

How to buy BTC with IPad

Once you have verified your identity and connected it to your bank account, you are ready to go. Besides, the app will also inform you about this.

Launch Airbitz app on your iOS device and head over to the app’s home screen. Now tap on the menu button and select Buy/Sell

Check out the current price of Bitcoin at the top. Now, you have to tap on the Buy button at the top and enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to buy. Make sure to enter the amount in your local currency.

Now deposit your bitcoins in your wallet.

How to buy and sell Bitcoins with your ipad

If you want to sell  Bitcoins then also launch Airbitz app on your iPad device. Then, tap on the menu button and choose to Buy/Sell.

Now from the home screen, tap on Sell. In case, you haven’t connected it to your bank account, you will be asked to do so.

Next, you need to enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to sell.

Enter the amount in your local currency and then select the bank account you want to withdraw to.

Finally in the end, you have to authenticate all your transactions.

Airtbitz app on iPad

This is powerful and easy to use Bitcoin Wallet allowing users to easily control their own bitcoin private keys with the familiarity and ease of mobile banking.

With Airbitz, only YOU have access to your funds or transaction data. Neither Airbitz or any 3rd party can access your money or data. You get the financial privacy and autonomy Bitcoin was designed for with the ease of use even grandma could handle.

Note that the Airbitz application requests access to the device contact list, location, and personal information.

Frequently asked questions about AirBitz

AirBitz App

How much does it cost?

Airbitz can be downloaded to your iPad device for free. Bitcoin transaction fees are determined by the bitcoin network and are influenced by things like congestion and the size of your transaction in bytes of data.

Which currencies can I store?

Airbitz supports bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and more than 140 fiat currency exchange rates.

How do I add currency to my wallet?

Airbitz offers full integration with Glidera, an award-winning bitcoin funding service. Glidera verifies Airbitz accounts in about two business days. Upon purchase, it usually takes four business days for bitcoin to arrive in your Airbitz wallet.

You can also purchase bitcoin in person with a local trader and store your tokens in your Airbitz wallet. Check out LocalBitcoins or Paxful to find a bitcoin trader in your region.

How do I make or receive payments with Airbitz?

After setting up your Airbitz account, sending or receiving bitcoin is quick and easy.

To receive funds, hit the “Request” button at the bottom of your screen. You can then select the wallet where you want your funds deposited. Upon selecting a wallet, click “Next” to view your QR code. This is the code your sender needs to scan to send you the bitcoin. You can also email or SMS the request to the sender.

To send bitcoin, click the “Send” button at the top of your wallet to launch your QR code scanner. Next, scan the QR code of the person you want to send bitcoin to, select the amount you want to send and then enter your PIN. Within a few seconds, your funds will be sent.

How secure is Airbitz?

Airbitz offers high levels of privacy, security and decentralisation that all help to make the Airbitz wallet secure. The wallet itself is always auto-encrypted, backed up and can even function when the Airbitz server goes down.

Depositing Bitcoins at casinos for real money pokies

How to make a deposit at online casino with Bitcoins from your IPAD

Again it is simple to make a deposit with Bitcoins because now you have bought Bitcoins as described above.

Simply choose the Bitcoin casino say for example Rich casino

Type the url of the casino on your iPad safari browser.

Now home screen will open. Simply register yourself and open your casino account and make a deposit with Bitcoins.

Select Bitcoins as your deposit option and follow the prompts and make your deposit in BTC

You can also Go to cashier, select Bitcoins as deposit mode and you will get a code or address

Once you get the Bitcoin address, you can copy it in your Bitcoin wallet (if you are on a desktop computer) or scan the QR code with your iPad AirBitz wallet app.

In your Bitcoin wallet add the Bitcoin address provided in the pop-up message shown at the previous step and confirm the amount of money you want to deposit.

Then confirm the amount of money you want to deposit.

Bitcoin bonuses at online casinos

Casinos with Bitcoins have no transaction costs. All transfers are peer-to-peer, so there are no middlemen to pay. Multi-currency casinos often make charges to deposit or withdraw using a credit card, and the providers themselves may have fees.

Many Bitcoin online casinos also offer many lucrative welcome bonus when you play with BTC. Like Rich casino offers 400% BTC Bonus on your first three deposits.

Now in the same way you can make Bitcoin deposits with your iPad at any online casino.