How to Make the Most out of Your Old iPad

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Apple recently launched a bunch of new products during Q3. iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, and the iOS 10 were some of the latest gadgets that were introduced. The issue with a new iOS update is that it becomes a fad because almost everyone is downloading it.

The release of the iOS 10 makes popular iOS device obsolete like the iPad 2. But “obsolete” doesn’t necessarily mean useless, right? Not everyone can afford a new iPhone or iPad. Even people with enough money don’t really jump on the bandwagon to buy the latest iPhone model.

So if you’re sticking with your old pal, here’s how you can maximize using it.

What’s a Quick Fix for an Old iPad?

Keeping an old device has its pros and cons. If you decide not to buy a new iPad and keep using your old one, there are two issues that you will encounter. These are: security vulnerabilities and end to app updates since developers are using the new iOS. Your gadget still carries the old iOS which means it’s more vulnerable to insecurities. This will become more vulnerable as new updates roll out.

So how what’s a practical remedy for this? You need to download and install the latest version of iOS 9 (iOS 9.3.5 ) since it’s the most updated iOS version for your iPad. Making your apps updated helps as well. While this isn’t a big help in terms of security, it will save your loading time if your apps are always updated.

Another issue for the iOS 10 rollout is that built-in apps like Mail and Safari will not receive any updates anymore. Remember that using outdated web browsers and email apps can be detrimental to your gadget’s performance. This means you need to download and install alternative apps that you can update with your obsolete iOS.

What about Internet Connectivity?

The best practice for connectivity would be to use the “guest network” function on your Wi-Fi router. You must set this up to connect to your old device. It will prevent any security vulnerabilities on your device but only to a certain extent.

You also need to install a VPN tool since the usual route for security issues is via web browsing. Having a VPN tool on your iPad allows you to filter out malicious websites and harmful malware.

Should You Just Buy a New iPad?

Buying a new iPad is a matter of determining the value it gives you. It’s also important how it complements your lifestyle. These are basic ideas why or why not you should purchase a new iPad. The issues here are: function vs. fad. Do you need a new iPad to complement productivity? Or will you just buy one because it’s new? Whether it’s new or old iPad, it always a matter of making the most out of its function to enhance your activities.