How to install WhatsApp on an iPad without jailbreaking


As you all know there is no official version of Whatsapp for the iPad but still you can use it though it is not available for iPad or iPod touch. Whatsapp is the most popular communication method used world over with an estimated 900 million active users till date. Here find in easy steps how to install whatsapp on an iPad using WhatsApp web without Jailbreaking.

WhatsApp Web connects to the WhatsApp account on your smartphone and forwards the messages on to your iPad, allowing you to send and receive WhatsApp messages, pictures and videos.

If you’re looking to access WhatsApp on your iPad via WhatsApp Web, there are two ways to do so – either via Safari, or an unofficial app on the App Store.

Get access via Safari

Open Safari on your iPad and go to When the page loads you’ll notice that it doesn’t take you to the WhatsApp Web interface and instead takes you to the WhatsApp home page.

Now tap on the URL and swipe down to access the ‘top drawer’ of the favourites menu that appears when typing a web address. You will see an option that says “Load desktop site” – now tap on it.

The page should reload and display the familiar WhatsApp Web interface displaying the QR code to pair with your iPhone. Using your iPhone, head to Settings > WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code to pair the two devices together.

Now the page should reload and display all your recent messages along with any media or voice notes sent to you.

Limitations using the above method

  • You can’t send voice notes, as the browser isn’t officially supported by WhatsApp (although you should still be able to play them).
  • The service if used on a Mac or PC, notifications from web browsers aren’t supported on iOS and so you won’t receive notifications of incoming messages.

Get Access via Mac or PC

The next step is to connect your iPad (or iPod touch) to your Mac (or PC). You need a program other than iTunes to manage the files on your iPad. In the tutorial names  iFunbox – which is available from you can have it free.

Download the latest version of iFunbox for your platform of choice, and start it up.

Click Install App, navigate to your desktop and click on the WhatsApp .ipa file. It will quickly install, the WhatsApp icon on your iPad screen. But wait if you click on the icon you’ll see that it doesn’t work. So fix that with few simple steps below:

Take an iPhone

Install WhatsApp on this iPhone in the normal way start it up, and then register a phone number – the one you wish to use with WhatsApp on your iPad. You’ll have to confirm this using a code sent to the number you give.

Now unplug the iPad, plug the iPhone into the Mac and go back to iFunbox. Click in User Applications under the entry for the iPhone, double-click on the icon for WhatsApp, and then copy the Library and Documents folders in there on to your desktop. This will contain the registration data.

Unplug the iPhone, plug the iPad back in, and in iFunbox, click on User Applications under the iPad’s entry, and then WhatsApp – as before. You will now replace the Library and Documents folders in here with the ones on the desktop, thereby copying the iPhone’s registration data on to the iPad.

If you’ve followed the steps carefully you will get it.