Awesome Tips You Need to Know About the iOS 10 Update

Apple claims that iOS 10 is the best mobile OS. Here’s a preview of what to expect from the latest iOS update.

iOS 10

Apple just launched its latest mobile OS – iOS 10. You can test the new OS online and download the public beta at the moment. Apple says that the “greatest” mobile OS will be fully released in September. The iOS 10 update will feature deeper 3D Touch integration, new widgets, and a fresh lockscreen.

Check out the other enhanced features for the iOS 10 update:

Read the Latest News

iOS news app

iOS 10 has enhanced the 3D Touch and made it more useful to complement other apps and functions. Use the 3D press to check the latest news headlines without opening the app. The 3D Touch function also works with the Activity app by instantly showing widgets with your targets outside the app.

Open Two Safari Tabs Beside Each Other

Apple finally realized that the previous Split View multi-tasking feature was hindering 2 Safari tabs to open next to one another. One of the easiest ways to use the function is to hold-press a tab and drag it to the corner of the screen and tap the X icon to close it.

A Simpler Camera Shortcut

iOS 7 enabled users to the swipe up from the locksceen so they can use the camera. You can now take a photo by just swiping left with the iOS 10 update. It’s a simple improvement but makes it quicker to take selfies.

An Improved Home App

ios home app

Apple’s Home app has become widely used and is considered the universal remote control for your house. It’s pretty convenient that you have single control pad for thermostats, lights, and garage doors. Swipe up then to the left so you can have quick access to the Home app.

Digital Touch in iMessage

iOS 3D Touch

The Apple Watch allowed users to use its Digital Touch function to send messages. This function is now available on iPad and iPhone with the iOS 10 update. Sending messages and images using the Digital Touch function has become quite popular specially with creative millenials.

Clearing Notifications

It’s one of the most requested features, and finally, you can clear all notifications in a single swipe. Slide down the Notifications tray then use the 3D Touch to click on the X icon on the upper right corner, then tap “Clear All Notification” to have it squeaky clean.

Adjust Light Intensity

Thanks to 3D pressing, you can now alter the intensity of your Apple device’s light. 3D press the Torch icon in the Control Center to adjust it to Low, Medium, and Bright.

Removing Stock Apps

iOS apps

We don’t need useless stock apps. Hold down on the icon of the Stocks app, Find My Friends app or any app you don’t really need, then tap the X icon. If you wish to add a deleted app you can just add it via the App store.

Turning the Screen On

Probably the simplest feature in the iOS update, you can just look infront of your iPad or iPhone then Apple does it magic by instantly opening the screen for you.