Your iPad apps ask for reviews from you- Here is how to stop them in simple to do steps

iPad app reviews

Each year so many apps are launched on App stores and the app makers or developers want to have the feedback of their apps from its users. You must have seen while you are using a pokies or any other games apps or any app of utility, music or food it pops up a message to rate the app or to write a review about it.  These messages are almost always more annoying than helpful, and often interrupt the user’s experience with the app or game.

So if you are using latest updated iPad of iOS11 you can easily prevent or stop these  review request notifications from appearing, at least for apps that honor Apple’s design requirements. Just follow the simple steps below until you are done.

You can disable in-App Ratings & Reviews

In iOS 11 and above iPads this new option to called In app ratings and reviews is available in your iPad.

To change that, grab your iPad running iOS 11 and launch the Settings app.

From Settings, scroll down until you find the option labeled iTunes & App Store.

In the iTunes & App Store section, find the new option labeled In-App Ratings & Reviews. Toggle this off (white) to prevent apps from popping up those review request notifications.

When it’s off, you can still leave positive or negative reviews for apps by manually heading to the app’s page on the App Store, you’ll just never be bothered by an unsolicited pop-up notification again.

It’s important to note that these steps only work for apps which follow Apple’s rules and guidelines.

iPad apps- how to disable in app ratings

It’s possible, although unlikely, that an app could sneak by Apple’s review process and ask you for review requests via regular notifications (if you have those enabled). It’s also possible for the developer to use more nefarious means to bug you for reviews.

For most apps and users, however, disabling this feature means you’ll never be bothered again with unwanted review requests, but this also means that you’ll need to remember to head over to the App Store whenever you want to leave positive or negative feedback.

In App ratings and reviews on iPad

But what if you want to rate the app on your iPad itself

  • In-app ratings and reviews will work a lot like the current rating and review process; you just don’t have to leave the app.
  • When an app prompts you for a rating, you simply tap the star that corresponds to your rating (5 is best; 1 is worst) and tap Submit.
  • When an app prompts you for a review, you provide a rating and then type out your thoughts and feelings. When you’re done you’ll tap Submit.
  • If you’d rather not leave a rating or review, you can tap Dismiss to dismiss the prompt. After dismissing the prompt three times, you shouldn’t see another app review prompt for a year.
  • These ratings and reviews happen entirely within the app that prompts you for a review, you should be able to complete everything without having to go to the App Store.

Finally it is your choice whether you wish to rate the app and give it a feedback or not.