iPad Keno Apps

When you buy a new iPad the first thing you do is you search for the best apps to download on your tab. You want the utility apps, chat apps, calling apps, weather apps, map apps and various other apps you wish to use to make things easier for you working when with iPad.  One thing you always look at app store is the games apps. There are hundreds of games apps for mobile as well as for your iPad. All these apps are categorised according to genre, themes and type of play like you will find table games like Blackjack, Pai Gow, Craps and pokies as well as other such games under casino games. Then there are various adventure games, lottery games and many others. If you are looking for Keno then here are the best keno apps to play Keno all free with your iPad

Keno- Let’s Play

Keno- Let’s Play game app

Let’s play is the official Keno Games app for Australians to play and win Keno in real time as well as play games  for free. 

Download the Keno app, create an account, choose your Keno game, pick your numbers and start playing Keno. Keno games you can play are:

  • Keno Classic – $1 Could Win You $1 Million: The Keno app delivers the classic Keno game as you know it, right in the palm of your hand. Spend just $1, and if you match the 10 numbers you play to the numbers drawn, you could win $1 million!
  • Keno Mega Millions – $2 Could Win You $5 Million!: Play Keno Mega Millions for a chance to win $5 million or more! Spend just $2, and if you match the 10 numbers you play to the numbers drawn, you could win $5 million!
  • Keno Heads or Tails – Chance to Double or Quadruple your Money!: If you’re looking for a super fun easy game to play, try Keno Heads or Tails where you have the chance to double, or even quadruple your money. Simply pick which half of the Keno grid will have more numbers drawn, or choose equal numbers in each half.
  • Keno Kwikipik – Play auto-picked numbers!: If you’d like more chances to win in a single game just add a Keno Kwikpik for an easy way to play, with more chances to win on a single ticket. With a Kwikpik, there’s no need to choose your numbers and you’ll be given multiple chances to win on a single game!

Note that the residents of Australian jurisdictions (excluding NSW & QLD) are eligible to open a Keno account and play the Keno ACT game via the app.  Moreover you can watch the live keno draw, find the keno lotto results or find nearest shop to buy Keno tickets, this app is number one app for Australians. Click here to download now.

Keno Bonus Play

Keno Bonus play app

Also known as Cleopatra Keno it offers 12 free plays as a bonus that’s why it is called Keno Bonus Play. You can easily pick your hot or cold or random numbers at the Keno board. This game is a sort of pokies machine style where you hit 7,8, or 9 and enter the Jackpot Winners leader board in Game Center. Hit 10 numbers and get inducted into the 10 HIT WONDER CLUB. Whats more you can take your big wins screen shot and share with your friends.
You can download this app all free from iTunes and as you need coins to play which will be offered free if you win more and more but still if you need more coins then there are in app purchases to do. You requires iOS 8 or later compatible iPad to run this app.

Keno Tap

Keno tap app

Keno Tap has been developed by Bimza Games. Here you tap between 2 and 10 numbers, then anxiously watch as 20 random numbers, or balls, are chosen to see how many matches you get. The more you bet, the more you win or even lose as in any Keno game.

You will find the game giving you retro casino feel with a win meter displaying your wins. With Quick Pick option you can choose your Keno random numbers. This game has 5 modes to control speed of the game like you can play in slow, normal, fast, really fast, and instant mode.  You can bet up to 1 trillion credits per game. You can download this game app free from iTunes and you will be given 100 credits to play so if you need more to play there are in app purchases to buy even one million credits. Note that you need iOS 9.3 or later iPad device to run this game.

Keno Gold

Keno Gold game app

Keno Gold is number one keno app from the same developer who had created Keno Tap that is Bimza games. This game app offers traditional keno gameplay plus exciting bonus features such as Free Games, Game Multiplier and Extra Balls to enhance the experience. Whether you are 18 or 81 years of age this app is for everyone. Keno Gold provides hours of fun and enjoyable gameplay with rich graphics and casino-style sounds. You’ll feel like you’re at the casino, except that you’ll still have your money when you’re done!

You can download this app for free from iTunes and if you need more coins to play then there are in app purchases too. You need iOS 9.3 or later iPad device to have this app on your device.

Absolute Keno

Absolute Keno

Play one of the best free Keno games with this app.  Absolute Games is free to play with lots of bonuses and coins. You get free coins every 4 hours when you play Keno. You can play Classic Keno or Keno Keno with a twist with great keno odds and high keno payouts. Enjoy free keno rooms and mini games and play in turbo mode for faster game play and to know keno results all the more faster. Even play offline and pick 1 to 20 numbers out of 80 numbers and see how many you match!
If you love keno and are looking for a fun new keno game that’s free with great keno bonuses, this is the game for you. Whether its keno keno, caveman keno, Vegas casino keno or keno eggs, all you can  have it here.

Note this app is for fun and do not make you win any real money. You can download this app all free from iTunes with in app purchases if you wish to buy more coins or Keno power ups to boost your game play  and play for longer time.  This app requires iOS 9.0 or later compatible iPad to run this app.

Keno Super 4X

Keno super 4X

Keno Super 4X Games Free has THE BEST Keno 80 Odds! This free Keno app comes from the famous lucky jackpot casino gaming house. This is a new Keno app with the rating of 5 at app store and offers great Vegas style pokies and Keno games. You are offered huge daily coin bonus to play free Keno games. The best thing about Keno Super 4X is that this app also works offline. There are in app purchases if you want more coins to play free keno games here. Also you need iOS 8.0 ipad to work all smooth. Click here to download now.

Keno Multicard

Keno Multicard

This Free Casino Keno game looks similar to a real machine & has the las vegas style. Keno comes with a variety of unique themes! Play with the theme that’s perfect for you. Try out the daily spin to win lucrative prizes & look out for the FREE bonus every 2 hours for even more chances for free rewards. Bet from 1 to 10 on the card. Use Quick Pick option to quickly pick your numbers.

Beside amazing Multi Card Keno free game, you also have other top casino games to play like Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Craps, Bingo and pokies. There are in app purchases if you want more coins to play free keno games here. Also you need iOS 9.0 iPad to work all smooth. Click here to download now.

Keno Prime – Super Bonus Play

Keno super bonus play

Keno Prime – Super Bonus Play is another free Keno app for iPad.  It’s high quality design will pop your eyes and powerpack gameplay, unique features, will give you lots of entertainment while playing Keno Prime. As a new player get 100,000 free coins to play free keno games. The games features pokies to play, room rewards, Powerups – New addition to gameplay which makes Keno Prime unique from the league, Bonus Play powerup to get 5 FREE PLAYS, Tripple Winner powerup to get 3x PAY, Timer Boost increases fun by 5 extra seconds, Double Winner powerup to get 2x PAY and Extra Chance powerup to win more! There are in app purchases if you want more coins to play free keno games here. Also you need iOS 9.3 iPad to work all smooth. Click here to download now.

Keno Fantastic

Keno fantastic

Keno Fantastic is the new game app at app stores with rating of 5 at Canada’s Apple iTunes. Developed by MobiEos Software Private Limited a gaming company of India, you will love this game.

You need to select between 2 and 10 numbers from a pool of 80. 20 numbered balls will be randomly drawn, and then match with all your winning numbers that you have selected. The more you bet, the more you win or lose.
Features of Keno Fantastic shows how beautiful this game is. You will find Las Vegas style keno, and bet from 1 to 10 on each card. You can use Quick Pick (Random Numbers) or Auto Play to select your numbers.

Simply pick your iPad and download this game app. Click here to download all free now.

Once done the game can be played as a guest or log in with your Facebook account.

  • Click “Bet 1” to choose your bet (1-10)
  • To choose a number, simply tap on it. To un-choose it, simply tap on it again. The more you bet, the more you win(or lose).
  • Click on “Erase” to clear the selected numbers
  • Click “Quick Pick” to pick random number

“Paytable” in the left of the screen. Pays will vary depending on the amount of numbers being selected and the number of bets being made.

Keno payouts are based on how many numbers the player chooses and how many numbers are “hit”, multiplied by the proportion of the player’s original wager to the “base rate” of the paytable. Typically, the more numbers a player chooses and the more numbers hit.

You are offered free coins to play this game. Also you can buy more free coins if you want with in app purchases.

Keno World

Keno world app

Keno world is another new Keno game app available right now at app stores to download. This game is developed by Ypisoft gaming company. Find various types of Keno game and Video Slot machines at this app.

The game features are simply awesome. You can enjoy scratcher lotteries, video slot machines with real time rank system. When playing keno use Auto pick to quickly pick your numbers.  There is also to saves your keno numbers for future reference.

With bonus every 4 hours you can play with free coins.

You will find an awesome colorful homepage where bingo games, Keno X4 and Keno under the sea as well as slots, Blackjack and poker games are available to play. Other keno games to play are Keno Donut, Keno Bonus, Keno Triple, Keno Mega Spot, Keno Pops, Keno Castle, Mysterious Keno Square, Extra Draw Keno, Keno Multi, Keno wild, 369 Super Way Keno, Keno 4 card.

The game app offers free coins to play the game but it has in app purchases to buy more free coins to play Keno.

Now enjoy the Keno apps all free and have fun. If you are wanted to play real money Keno apps, then visit the online casino of your choice and play keno games with real AUD.