iTunes Manages Your Music

Keep upbeat while at work, lay down and relax at home, prepare a playlist for your coming party or just listen to the radio and enjoy the revamped popular tunes engineered by the Apple music authorities.  You will never be disappointed with the music you can have and do with iTunes as it will definitely be in synch with whatever mood you are in.

Screenshot of iTunes Manages Your Music
iTunes Manages Your Music

Find of all your favorite tracks in order.

Have your iTune player on your desktop to organize your music in one place.  You want to play a certain tune, it will be easy to find as soon as you are ready to listen.  Import all your CD music and digital files to iTunes so you can readily browse through your entire collection in a glance.  Make playlists or the Genius can make that for you.  You do not have to repeat the process for each of your devices, just synch them to your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad or stream them through your Apple TV.

  • For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Open the Music app and choose My Music.

  • For Mac and PC.

Open iTunes, go to your music library, and choose artists, playlists or songs.

  • For Apple TV.

Choose Music from the home screen.


The Apple Music connoisseurs have totally given the on-demand radio stations a total makeover.  If you wish you can make your personal stations that could be changed anytime depending on the music you constantly play and download.

iTunes Manages Your Music

It is an entirely new way of radio experience.  Introducing Beats 1, for example, is station operating 24/7 headed by Zane Lowe and a group composed of world-renowned DJs.  Anytime or anywhere you tune in you can get the latest music, culture, and interviews,as we broadcast globally from our New York, Los Angeles, and London studios.


Genius can go explore your music library in your iOS or computer device and group songs that are of the same genre or mixes, then you’ll your playlists ready made for you.  This could simply be the easiest way to make a collection of music to suit your mood.  If you want a change of pace, all you have to do is tap the Genius Shuffle.  You can enlarge the albums in your music library on your Mac and look at the In Store recommendations of songs that’s not still in your library but you should have.