Mermaid Millions

Are you keen on dealing with gambling and the similar things but you find it quite annoying to get to the casino just to satisfy your desire? Well, for such matter, you should not worry at all since you can simply have Mermaid Millions pokie machine game.

Such name refers to the great online slot machine that has been said to be one of the top games for iPad. With this kind of game, you are capable of enjoying five reels and fifteen pay lines which will also give you the chance to earn nice amount of bonuses.

It’s All about Spinning the reels

Similar to the other kinds of online slot games that you might have been familiar with, Mermaid Millions pokies will demand you to spin the machine in order to start the game. There will be some symbols that will determine your fortune in playing the games.

Wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, as well as bonus games are the ones that will make you feel the payouts. Well, from the name of the game, Mermaid Millions has the underwater adventure theme which will not only be able to give you the satisfaction from its game play and the bonuses but also make you enjoy the great graphic of the game.

Basic Features

Indeed, as the title suggests, the mermaid will be the star of the show. At the same time, this character will become the scatter which means that it will replace any symbol in the game in order to complete the pay line. However, such symbol is not all that you should know from Mermaid Millions.

There is a symbol of Neptune which has the function of wild symbol. For addition, you should also know about treasure chest symbol that will lead you to the amazing bonus game.

The Bonuses

Up to this point, you have learned about the basic feature of the game and also the symbols that you will face during the play time with Mermaid Millons iPad. However, you have not known about the bonuses and payouts that you can have. Well, for the payouts, you need to know that it is quite easy. For this matter, what you need to concern is the symbol of the horse. Whenever you can find this symbol appears in the first, second, and third reels, then, you can get the payouts.

As for the bonuses, you will never find the other games which can offer the bonuses as great as Mermaid Millions. Just by trying the game, you are capable of earning $5.00 for free. As for the jackpots, the amount can be really fantastic.

For addition, per month, you can also get cash back deposits which can be up to $45.

How to play Mermaid Millions on your iPad

Now that you have learned about the greatness of Mermaid Millions iPad in giving satisfaction and also the chance to earn some money, you might be wondering about where and how to get such game. Well, here are the steps to make it possible for you to enjoy the game.

1. Click on ‘Play Now’ button.
2. Register for free and.
3. Play right on your browser.
4. You can play just for Fun or with Real Cash. It’s really up to you.

Good luck.