The new features in iOS 10 News App

iOS10 News App

Apple has brought some new things in its iOS 10 news app. Being a standalone news aggregation app, it was first introduced in iOS 9 last year,  now has some significant improvements in iOS10.

With all the new design and in the ‘For You’ tab, your stories are now broken up into clear sections like Top Stories, Trending—which shows you the top stories, and also you can follow specific topics of your interest like cars or sports.

In addition to the simpler design, the iOS 10 News app also includes subscriptions. You can read every article of top tier publications like The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic and The New York Times from within the application.

The app also includes push notifications, so you’ll see alerts on your Lock screen for breaking news with the ability to jump right into the News app. Also there’s also an all-new Featured News section, where Apple editors hand-pick the content.

Apple says it now has over 2000 publishers pushing articles to the News app, and over 60 million monthly active users. iOS 10 is available to beta testers now, and will launch to the public soon. Here are some of the new features of the news app in detail.

News App Interface

The biggest change to the News app is in the interface. It has been redesigned and looks more beautiful. The date is bolder and your current location and weather have been added to the top of the screen. Headline fonts are bigger and sections like Top and Trending Stories are more clearly defined.

As said above you need not now scrolling down on the endless list of articles where you will find stories or content divided into sections, showing about a half dozen or so top stories in that section. The graphics and images also appear big along with neatly laid out stories which are now more visually aesthetic than the previous version.

If you want to read more content in a specific section, you can tap an arrow on the right side to go to a new page. The new page includes such sub-sections as Today’s Best, or Latest News.

The rest of the interfaces is same with  just a few of the following changes :

  • You can “Dislike” a story, which will affect what content is suggested to you in the future.
  • You can sort favourites by Name, Recent, or Most Visited.
  • Publication logos are more prominently displayed.
  • You no longer have to read an article to share it. You can access the share sheet next to the headline of a story on the front page.
  • Articles automatically download to your device when you tap the save icon.

Getting Notifications in the News App

Another big change with the News app comes in the form of notifications.  Now with iOS 10 you can get notifications of new Top Story posts from publications that you follow, like Bloomberg, CNN, and the Washington Post. You can also add a notification when Apple’s Editor’s Picks are published.

What you need to do is first open the news app after you have updated to iOS10 you’ll be asked to pick which channels you’d like to receive notifications from.

If you want to add or remove channels, you can make changes to those notifications in the Favorites section by tapping the bell icon in the upper left corner of the screen.