Premium Platform Games for iPhone and iPad

Apple and Nintendo have a lot of things in common.  Both companies are pacesetters in their specific fields, they have developed and come up with highly popular and profitable consumer hardware, supported by an inimitable intellectual property that cannot be duplicated by other platforms.

Thus, iLife will never find life in any device other than Apple nor will Mario, Nintendo’s iconic plumber, ever be played on iOS or other platform that is non Nintendo.

Fortunately, we are not lacking in games that can be played in an iOS platform that are in the same vein as Nintendo’s Mario Brothers that can assuage the longing of platform game enthusiasts.

Mario Brothers versus the Giana Sisters

One such game that could be closely compared to the gaming experience of Mario Brothers in the iOS is the Giana Sisters which was released in 1987 for home micros that time and Commodore 64.

Premium Platform Games for iPhone and iPad

Its uncanny similarity to Super Mario Brothers caused its early demise as Nintendo all but clobbered it in a legal battle.  Anybody can see that it was a Mario Brothers clone, with features such as block smashing, altered state power ups, and even the background and maps are very similar to that of the Nintendo Game.  Consequently, all the available games were recalled and deleted and the few that were sold before the debacle eventually attained the game cult prestige.

Strangely, Nintendo appeared to have lost interest in fighting other Mario clones on 8-bit systems that came out after.

Giana Sisters Reborn

After more than 20 years, the feisty female counterparts of the Mario Brothers staged a silent return and found its way to the iOS in 2010 having new graphics, retro levels and 80 levels with a soundtrack of remixed sounds from the original C64 music.  Luckily, the conversation was successful.

Pizza Boy

The game is based on a very simple premise, with the hero giving a pizza to his lady love when a bird snatched it away, and the adventure begins.  It is a short game having only 12 levels but challenges are tough with a lot of unique features.

Screenshot of Premium Platform Games for iPhone and iPad
Premium Platform Games for iPhone and iPad

Pix’N Love Rush

Pix’N Love Rush is one of our favorites.  It combines quick-fire level with platforming action gameplay proceduresimilar to those of Nintendo’s WarioWare.   Basically, I thinks this is the best 2D platform games ever played, you have to be a real quick thinker as the game is fired at breakneck speed.  Really excellent and quite a steal for its price.


In Soozis, the little ball with feet has to go finding his friends, and while doing so has to avoid, jump over bad guys and graball at the same time.  Sounding like Mario already?  Yes and no because the moment you start playing the tiny world you’re on turns about in its axis as you run, then you will you know that this is quite a different ball game.

The odd kind of gravity contributes to the challenge as it disorients you and compels you to take great risks.  You have to be able to navigate carefully to know the right direction going to your friends as you jump between the small planets.