Some of the working tips to fix the iPad if not charging

iPad not charging

iPad is wonderful device, a sort of mini computer where you can do lots of things. As a gamer you can enjoy games like pokies or casino games, watch videos or TV, listen to music, draw & paint, use it as a office suite and work on your important data or do any thing you wish as you do in a computer.

But what if suddenly when you are in middle of a pokies game play your iPad has not enough battery and it stops charging if you plug it to charge.  There could be quite a few reasons why your iPad may refuse to charge. For instance, it could be the fault port or even the outdated software. So let’s see how to fix this issue and restore your normal work in iPad.

1. Disable the apps that drink your battery

iPad apps

As a first step go to settings and disable the apps or features in the iPad that drain your battery like Location Services and Background App. Then refresh when your device is in charge.

To disable location services on Settings  go to Privacy and then Location Services and turn it off. To disable background app refresh Tap on Settings go to General and go to Background App Refresh and turn it off.

2. Also try to clean up the Port

How to fix iPad not charging

Ensure that the Lightning port of your iPad is clean and doesn’t have, dust or any debris which might be preventing the device from being charged. You can use a plastic small brush to remove debris if it’s stuck there.

3. Try to reboot your iPad

reboot iPad

Hard reset is good enough to flush out the bad bits that might have been stuck on your device. Just press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and Home button at once. Keep holding both the buttons until the screen turns off and Apple logo appears.

4. Switch Ports

Switch ports

At times when you plug your iPad into a plug or computer to charge for the first time, the USB port might not recognize it. In such a case, you need to switch to a different USB port.

5. Switch Cables

Switch cables

Cables can get worn out overtime and stop charging your device securely. There are very few cables that are able to retain their top functionality for long. So you can try using a different cable to see if it’s able to charge your device.

6. Connect to iPad 12w Wall Charger

Wall charger

Try plugging your iPad directly into a 12w charger from a wall outlet. As compared to 5w iPhone charger, iPad’s 12w charger is capable of juicing your device a lot faster.

7. Always keep the iOS update

iOS update

Generally the iPad reminds you to have the latest software update installed on your device but many a times we ignore it for later.  Ensure that your iPad is running the latest iOS version. The old software might be stopping the iPad to charge. Thus open Settings app go to General got to Software Update and install the latest iOS version.

8. Restore your device using iTunes

Restore ipad

If still you are not able to charge your iPad then you need to restore your device via iTunes. Though it will take a lot of time but it can fix even a complicated issue. As compared to iCloud, iTunes restore offloads, re-installs, and then reloads all of your data; thereby eliminating all the bad bits that might be stuck.

For this you need to connect your iPad to your Mac or Windows PC using the USB cable and launch iTunes.  Next, you need to click on the Device icon at the top left. Now click on Backup and let it be completed. Now click on Restore iPad. Once you have successfully restored your device, charge it again to see whether the problem is fixed.

9. Contact Apple Support

Apple support

If the problem persists then you can contact your nearby apple store or call the apple support help team at (61) 1-300-321-4561 to find a solution. Because many a times there must be some hardware problem like battery not working, or cable not working or port need to be changed.