What is iTunes and what does it do?

ITunes is where you want to be

Chances are you have heard of iTunes, maybe even checked it out, but you still are not sure if you want to commit to an app. Let me tell you what you are missing! ITunes is an online app superstore with a media library, an unequaled online radio broadcaster, run by a top-notch mobile device management application developed by the world’s leader in personal technology, Apple Inc. This device management system allows you to play, download, store, and organize any digital multimedia (audio , video, etc.) on personal device running the OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Why is it different?

ITunes always provides the most up –to-date way to enjoy all your favorite media – music, movies, and TV shows, that you already have, as well as finding the things you want. ITunes is constantly upgrading, improving, and adding more to keep you entertained.

What is iTunes and what does it do?
What is iTunes and what does it do?

This is where the music lives

Revel in your love of music. Rediscover old favorites and find hot new sounds.

You can tune in to our exclusive Beats 1 radio that is continually hosted by Zane Lowe and other on-air all stars. Choose from more than 40 million tracks of music to upgrade your library and expand your repertoire. Keep all your files organized and make your own albums/ playlists from your favorite tunes. When you have an Apple Music membership, you will experience artists and genres that span the globe. No more piles of CDs and searching through boxes to find your music. It is all right at your fingertips 24/7.

What is iTunes and what does it do?
What is iTunes and what does it do?

Movie buffs get ready to be in cinematic bliss! If you love TV and movies, this is where you need to be. Instant access to more than 85,000 movies. Listing for over 300,000 television shows right at your fingertips. You will never run out of things to watch. Go for classic movies or new releases. Catch up on a favorite series you have lost track of or discover something completely different. Stream anything you want to watch, anywhere. If you are going to a location with no WIFI, you can download your selections, so you also have something good at your fingertips.


Easy to find, and easy to use, and full of surprises besides music, movies, and TV shows, you can find eBooks and great pieces of literature. Graphic novels and games. ITunes is world renown and has a presence on Face Book, Twitter, Apple Music, iBooks, Mac App, and the App store. You can purchase re-loadable gift cards to give to friends and family, or save for your own in app purchases.

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