Which iPad Game Video Had 14 Million Views?

Which iPad game video had 14 million views

It’s the iPad game video of kitten playing on iPad that has been views 14 million times. This video has been viewed over 14 million times, with over 2 million likes after being shared on TikTok by user @catoriess.

In the clip, the kitten adorably aces an iPad game, in which it paws at the screen in attempts to catch mice digitally running across the screen. Seemingly mystified by the mice, it successfully smacks its paws on the screen.

While the game may have kept the cat entertained, the cat has been entertaining millions online with the video.

iPad video game for pets
iPad video game for pets

The game being played is one of the many popular cat-specific games available, designed to keep felines entertained at home. 

Games on tablets and iPads for cats have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more pet-design apps being introduced to the market. Cat food company Friskies, for example, entered into the world of cat games in 2011, introducing titles like Cat Fishing and Jitterbug, which follow the same premise as Peppy Cat.

The company even introduced a game named You vs. Cat which allows humans to challenge and play against their pets. Friskies reportedly says that alkali-aluminosilicate screens found on iPads are able to stand against cat paws and claws, but many owners choose to use screen protectors to be sure.

Certified cat behavior consultant Pam Johnson Bennett told pet retailer PetCareRx that despite the games providing entertainment for cats, it’s important to nurture play that involved real rewards too. “If you simply focus on physically keeping your cat active and neglect his need for mental satisfaction and confidence, then you’re doing him a disservice,” she said.

Despite most games having a caught animal burst into colors and shapes, cats are reportedly not as satisfied with this as a human may be, reported PetCareRx. The company suggested to allow the virtual game to become real-life play straight after, or offer treats as a physical gratification for the play.

Peppy Cat The iPad Game

iPad video game for pets - Peppy Cat
iPad video game for pets – Peppy Cat

Peppy Cat – beautiful game, that won’t let your cat get bored. Peppy Cat offers 15 different games with different animals for cats to electronically hunt including “bunny, mice, sparrow, colibri and other amusing animals.” Peppy Cat: Game For Cats is developed by Anton Chekulaev.

Lately this app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon and with 2 new toy as well as Spanish localization.

This game app requires iOS 7.0 or later iPad to download the free game. The games pro version costs A$2.99

Click here to download now on your iPad

Here below you can watch the cat’s popular video on Tik Tok.


Other cat themed games for your iPad

At iTunes you can find many other cat themed games that you can download on your iPad.

1. Game for Cats by Little Hiccup, LLC

Game for cats
Game for cats

The game features free laser pointer for your cat to chase. Moreover you can control the laser pointer & mouse with your iPhone. Note that this is a paid upgrade. This crazy fast action packed game will keep your cat (and your guests) entertained for hours.

As the cat chases the moue you can also have fun seeing how many points your cat can rack up. The laser level is free to play as long as you like. However, the mouse level is an in-app-purchase =

You can entertain your cat with this game as you do with the traditional laser pointer. Well now you can keep your cat entertained without having to exert any effort! Game for Cats will pick random paths that keep your cat’s attention.

Free the mouse and then you can chase it! Cat’s love this adorable little mouse. He doesn’t mind either.

There are some of the interesting features also. Disable Multitasking Gestures! Many people report that their cat is switching apps. Make sure you disable multitasking gestures before playing this game. Here’s how:

You can press the Home button. Then Pick ‘Settings’ and Choose ‘General’. Also Disable ‘Multitasking Gestures’

As cat seem to pause the game in the old version, the latest upgrade is that you can pause the game. To “paws” the game, hold down a paw and shake-shake-shake the iPad!

Download the game now

2. Cat Fishing 2

Cat Fishing
Cat Fishing

Cat Fishing 2 is designed to get cats pawing at the various fish and other aquatic creatures on the screen as they swim by, and judging by the thousands of five-star reviews on the App Store. lots of cats do.   There are other in-game options and characters to unlocks such as crabs and shrimp, but you’ll need to sign up for a free membership using your email address to get them.

In this game you need to signup for FREE to the Friskies Fun Club to unlock endless game play and access to special fish types and settings.

Catch & release feline fun from Friskies with Cat Fishing 2: purrhaps the best game ever created fur cats. It’s pawesome for playtime because it provides the mental stimulation to keep your cat’s mind active while also scratching their hunting itch.

Cat Fishing 2 is the catch of the day for cats who crave a challenge. They’ll prowl for prey in the pond of your picking and earn points along the way. It’s crafted with cats in mind, freshly stocked with special sounds to keep their interest and schools of fish to keep ‘em clawing back for more. There are endless ways to play. You can create an account, customize your play and save your cat’s settings. Or you can skip those steps and get right to gaming. Either way, you’ll be feline great about squeezin’ in some good clean catfishing fun with your favorite felines – and Friskies!

To play Friskies Cat Fishing:

• Place your mobile phone or tablet on a flat surface near your cat.

• Tap “PLAY”

• Watch your cat tap the screen to catch fish and score points.

• To personalize the screen just for your little kitty, tap on the fish in upper right-hand corner. Select any of the 10 different fish and pond options and hit reset.

• If your cat stops playing for 30 seconds or more, the game will “meow” to attract her attention

• Reward your cat for winning.

Note that  the bare glass screen holds up trouble-free to a cat’s claws, but plastic add-on screen protectors might not.

You are offered endless game play with no time limits or screen interruptions. Also there are no ads to watch in between the game not to disturb your cat.  That’ said there are unlimited access to all special fish types and settings

Besides this interesting game of cat there is another app for dogs.

Jolly Dog

Jolly Dog
Jolly Dog

Jolly Dog is a game made especially for dogs. Developed by same game developer here your pet can play with 15 unique toys, each has a different behavior and lively animation. Besides regular mice and ball, your dog may be surprised to see colibri, lizard and even crab! Puppy or adult dog, it doesn’t matter, the game fits for any kind of dogs regardless of age or breed. The color palette is carefully chosen according to dog vision spectrum.

Try out a new way of entertainment for your beloved pet!