10 Best Wonderful Music Apps on iPad for Kids to Enjoy

Kids are carefree and enjoy a lot more than adults. It is with kids laughter that a house gets a positive vibe full of energy and action. They love to shout, dance and play. If you hand them an iPad with wonderful music apps then it will obviously be a blast.

Here are the 10 best music apps on iPad for kids to enjoy.

1. Toca Dance ($4.99)

Toca Dance

Released in March 2016 this app is just fresh and new this app is available at iTunes for you to purchase. This is the best app from children’s developer Toca Boca. The main features of this app are to create your own dance moves and then dance with 8 quirky characters. You can choose outfits with different themes: Superheroes, animals, food and monsters having 5 original songs to dance to the tune. If you go crazy then throw items at the stage or experiment with special effects and change the set design make your own music video. You will just love the gameplay with outstanding graphics to enjoy.

2. Easy Music ($6.99)

Easy Music

Easy Music is easy to access and have fun. Aimed for the age group of 5 year old this app had animated characters to teach the kid music, recognize the notes, pitch, melody and rhythm. There are two learning paths; the practice mode and the compose mode. After learning the basic of music kids can compose their own music with the colourful rainbow piano.  You can have this app at iTunes stores and let the kids be busy learning music.

3. Loopimal ($4.99)


Loopimal  app is a creative app for kids involving animals as musical instruments to learn music and compose own creation. Kids can drag and drop shapes onto a timeline to make the assembled animals make sounds and dance. With so many possibilities of creations and compositions the content of the app is on melodic, rhythmic or movement bases. You can have this app at iTunes for the unlimited fun.

4. Crayola DJ ($7.99)


Kids love DJ and this app will be all fun for them. There are 100 exclusive loops here created by professional DJs with different musical genres and instrument types ensure endless variety in your mixes
Kids can use real DJ tools such as crossfaders, sound effects, tempo slider, and earn points
while performing at the party. You can also save your music performance and share them with your  friends. Available at iTunes this app is a hit.

5. Toc and Roll ($2.99)

Toc and Roll

Toc and Roll is a beautifully-app with over 1000 different sounds of 10 real instruments, mainly being Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Trumpet, Saxo, Percussionand Violin  which help children to discriminate sounds and develop hearing.
Kids can record their own voice to make unique song add funny effects like Reverb, Delay or Vocoder. Also learn to mix your songs, control the volume and effects for each track independently, upload it to Youtube and share it on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or sms. This app is at iTunes store for you to explore.

6. Sesame Street Makes Music ($4.49)

Sesame street makes music

Get your kids to play virtual instruments with various Sesame characters (Elmo and Ernie also feature) to familiar nursery rhymes in this app. Kids can play songs with the band or explore instruments on their own in the Sesame Street concert hall, playing fast and slow rhythms to their cheering fans.

Have fun playing along with Abby, Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Ernie thatiIncludes 8 popular children’s songs with 8 user-controlled instruments to play with either on Band Mode or Free Play Mode. This app is available at iTunes to explore tempo and beat-keeping by playing instruments fast and slow.

7. Kapu Bloom Tunes ($2.99)

Kapu Bloom Tunes

Kapu Bloom Tunes app is created for kids between 0-6 years of age. Webbed around a garden story the kids can dig deep in to the ground to find and decorate the seed of a mystical melody flower. Painting will make the whole soil resonate with beautiful chords and joyful melodies, inspiring the little ones to further explore the world of music and even to create their own compositions. Pouring magic water over the seed will make it sprout as a happy little plant, which will in time bloom in to a colourful flower, full of life and music and when tickled the plant will sing you an ever-changing melody.

Also kids will love to hear the plant sing familiar nursery rhymes as well as dozens of cheerful little compositions of its own. You can have this app from iTunes filled with melody.

8. Let’s Go to the Opera ($4.49)

Let us go to the opera

This app is for kids aged between 6 and 12 where learning about opera’s history while  observing theatrical architecture and structural elements they come to know about types of opera singers, choruses, ballet and role of each member in the orchestra. Also as how stage director works the technical duties (tailoring, stagehands, illuminator, set designer, seamstress, sewing, costume, makeup and characterization). App can be had from the iTunes and have loads of information on Opera.

9. MusiQuest (Free)


MusiQuest is free app at iTunes to teach children about how music works like melodies, chord progressions and other skills through getting them to make their own music. There are also animal friends who sing and play as the kids make their own bands in minutes by mixing and matching tons of different instruments. Not only this kids make digital music, with smarter use of tools like Garageband, Logic, Ableton, Reason, Sibelius, or Finale. If you wish to go for full access of this app you can join a monthly subscription.

10. Piano Dust Buster (Free)

Piano Dust Buster

This  free app is a wonder app to learn a piano.  Activated by an acoustic piano/keyboard, or by touch as no wires or adapters needed – the app just listens to your piano and you learn how to play. Two playing modes  are there to choose from for both players who know how to read music or not.

Kids can compete against your friends and players from around the world.  In “Concert Mode” there is always a competition to compete in and never ending free content to play. Win medals, level up and unlock even more songs from the JoyTunes library.
In “Jukebox Mode” practice your piano skills while playing fun pop songs and classics. Gain XP (experience) points and level up to unlock even more new songs.

To enjoy the vast song library purchase a subscription or individual song packs of popular and fun songs for all different skill levels, accompanied by high quality concert music. A new pack of songs added every month. Have this app now from iTunes and start the piano lesson.

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