The Best 20 Information Apps for your iPad

Interested in some information apps for your iPad? Here you will find 20 best apps of such a kind for news, views, history, weather, art and many more.

1. Biblion (Free )

Bibilion app

Wondering what “biblion” is? This word was used in the Middle Ages to describe collections made from fragments of ancient texts. Now as the New York Public Library’s iPad app, which draws from tens of thousands of fragments scattered across hundreds of boxes of materials, bears the nickname. This smartly designed and informative app focuses on the 1939-40 World’s Fair, where you can appreciate to know the history of that times.

2. Bing (Free)

Bing App


Bing is a visually rich app that lets you search and browse news, movies, Bing homepage images, local businesses, trending topics, perform vocal searches, and much more.
3. Earth Viewer (free)

Earth viewer

EarthViewer  free app helps you to overview of many Earth science-related subjects. The app is easy to learn and use, and has a tutorial to help, if needed. This app serves best for teachers, students and even comes handy for your own  personal interest in geology, paleontology, biology, or climate change.
4. Folds and Faults HD ($1.49 )

Folds and faults

From the name itself you must have understood that this iPad is related to geology . It describes and illustrates with photos, diagrams, with series of animations the behaviour of rock under stress. A wonderful commentary describes the different kinds of Folds and Faults and how they are formed.

5. Google Earth(Free )

Google Earth

You know very well about Google Earth. It is the one app whereby you can search a location even when travelling. Just put in your search what you wish to locate and you will be at once taken to the that side of the globe to check out satellite and aerial imagery. Also you will find Geo-located Wikipedia articles to add more information that is valuable to you regarding the located place and nearby surroundings.
6. Guinness World Records (Free)

Guiness World Records

Interested to know the record breakers and their achievements? Now  you can read the Guiness book of records online for free and flick through the most twisted trivia with your iPad.
7. Hipmunk Flight & Hotel Search (free)

Hipmunk Flights and hotels

Wanna have all the information on Flights. The Hipmunk Flight Search is a simple, free, well-designed app for the iPad. Its innovative flight visualization highlights factors beyond price, such as flight durations, layovers, and the potential “agony” level.

8. IMDB (free)


How about having Hollywood news or celebrities information on your finger tips. All this is what features in IMDB iPad app  where an image-driven interface featuring movie trailers, popular actors, and a list of currently theatrical releases makes the daily news for movie lovers.

9. March of the Dinosaurs ($2.99)

March of the dinosaur

Dunno get confused with the Animal planet here. It is just the app called March of the Dinosaurs offering  interactive basic content of National Geographic’s Escape of the Dinosaurs and enhances it with i virtual reality dinosaurs, textual descriptions of each species that you will come across in the show. This informative story set in the late Cretaceous Era’s Canadian Arctic, is fascinating and enjoyable for people of all and you will really like it.

10.  NASA HD (Free)


There are many good NASA-sponsored and NASA-related apps for the iPad, but none compares with NASA App HD. This app, compiled by NASA’s Ames Research Center, offers the best informative  articles and news stories, wonderful  images and videos, live TV feeds, and more. NASA always is at its best here too.

 11. NPR for iPad (Free)


Wanna have a digital type of magazine in app form then have NPR for your iPad. You can read or watch news, arts and life, and music coverage in three sliding panes. The app delivers hundreds of NPR live station and on-demand streams. In addition, NPR for iPad features photojournalism with full-page zoom feature and also you can share the stories you like over e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook  among your friends.

12. Pyramids ($10.99)


Gonna Egypt to have a glimpse of the beautiful Pyramids? Now have a Pyramids 3D app instead on your iPad. You will venture into a multimedia journey to watch most renowned and magnificent structures of the ancient world, the Pyramids, Sphinx, and tombs at Giza, Egypt. Also you can read about early Egyptian history, examine 3D-rendered artifacts, and even take virtual journeys into the Pyramids and tombs  with an ongoing commentary alongside to explain you about the beauty of the place and its architecture.

13. Reuters News (Free)


News freak are you? Have Reuters News app for your iPad to have latest news all kinds of information and even market business news,  There are so many categories for you to customize them to have direct access once you tap the app. Have a personalized watch list for business news, and geographic-specific news views.

14.  Sky Safari 5 ($4.49) 

Sky Safari

Do you love to watch the sky with stars, sun , moon and the planets.? With SkySafari 3 app you will find planetarium on your iPad. Whether you want to learn the constellations, spot satellites, or view star clusters, galaxies, comets, and asteroids with binoculars or a small telescope, you can all do this with this wonderful app.

15. TED (Free )


With TED’s official iPad app brings more than 900 TEDTalk videos featuring education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus, music legends, and more to your iPad. You can stream videos over 3G or Wi-Fi, and also download them to your iPad for playback offline.
16. Clear Day (free)

Clear Day

Is it going to rain or will it be sunny todayClear Day app is there for your iPad. It  has the best graphics and user interface though with not so detailed statistics, radar maps, and videos but it does a great job for weather updates.

 17. Wunderstation (Free)


Wunderstation is another weather app for your iPad to give you all the weather information. This app pairs with your local weather station through Weather Underground’s network, putting hyper-local data at your fingertips to have all what you wish to know for weather.

18. WebMD for iPad (Free)


WebMD now in app. Right. You can have this informative app on your iPad. Just tap the WebMD icon, and get yourself self-diagnosis and information about causes and treatments for any disease. Simply tap a section and a menu opens with a list of symptoms such as “viral pneumonia” and “Gastroenteritis.” Now select a symptom or ask WebMD  doctors too with your iPad app.

19. Wikipanion (Free)


Name Wiki it can be Wikipedia  or now Wikipanion app for iPad  that sifts through all of Wikipedia’s HTML and metadata, sorting it into a beautiful, content-driven interface. On the left side find the table of contents, have the information on any one of these you want. Also the app remembers your font-size setting, tracks page history by visit date, plays back embedded OGG audio, and saves images to the iPad’s photo library so that when you visit next time you have the information and settings in hand.

20.  World Atlas HD($5.99 ) 

World Atlas

Remember the school or college world atlas with colourful maps. Now this necessary informative book is in app form for your iPad. World Atlas HD  app offers stunning executive, political, and satellite-style maps. You can zoom in down to the country level, and then keep going to street-level maps. A pop-up window on the left offers squeezed written country histories and basic socioeconomic data. With so much of information you can also get do some Internet searches to locate or know more about a place or location.

Any other information app you know that is best please share.