12 Handy Tips for iPad


Split-screen Multitasking


Available only for the iPad Air 2 multitasking has been transformed in iOS 9 and it’s pleasingly simple to use. Pulling in from the right side of your slate’s screen while in an app launches a multitasking side bar – without dropping out of your primary app.

Close apps by touch with fingers


You can touch the screen with five fingers or pinch and spread them quickly to open your most recently used app and in same way close them.

Pull apart your keyboard

Pull Apart-keyboard

You can split the keyboard in half and type easily with thumbs too – this is done by dragging one finger to the left, and one to the right across the keyboard itself.

Stay online by using your iPhone as a hotspot

hot spot

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Personal Hotspot to enable it. Then on your iPad, go to Settings > WiFi and select your iPhone.

Shake your iPad to undo the delete


If by mistake you have deleted your email just shake your iPad and have the option to undo your error.

Disable in-app purchases

in app

Many a times your kids have a play with your iPad and  you have the fear of them running up a huge bill by downloading in-app purchases. But not to worry as  Apple has provided a solution. A quick trip to Settings, then Restrictions presents you with the option to Enable Restrictions. Then you can disallow the download of apps and in-app purchases by moving the relevant sliders to the left.

Reveal Request Desktop Site

Desktop site

Get the desktop version of any website by tapping on the URL bar and pulling down to reveal request Desktop Site.

Make your Mac Appear


If you don’t have a cable in handy g to In Finder on Mac, click on “AirDrop.” Then on your iPad, open the photo, tap the Share button and your Mac should appear.

Create folders


To create a folder keep your finger pushed down on any app icon until all of the icons on your home screen start to vibrate. Then, again with your finger held against the screen, move one on top of any other. After a second both will be encased in a folder and you can even name it to help you keep track of where your apps live.

See original Image

original iamge

While editing an image in the Photos app, press and hold the picture to see the original.

See Closed Tabs

closed tabs

In Safari for iPad, press and hold the “+” sign to see recently closed tabs.

Put the Calls off

calls off

Are you disturbed often that your iPad keeps ringing when you get a call on your iPhone, go to Settings > FaceTime > turn “iPhone Cellular Calls” to off.
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