30 Ball Bingo on iPad to Play and Win

30 Ball Bingo on iPad to play and win

As there are many Bingo variants to play and at online bingo sites, one such bingo variety is 30 ball bingo.  Each 30-ball bingo card is essentially a condensed version of the 75-ball bingo card, and consists of a grid containing 3 Rows, 3 Columns and 9 Numbers.

To make marking easy and straightforward, each respective column contains a set of number values like the first column contains numbers 1-10, second column contains numbers 11-20 and third column contains numbers 21-30. The rules to play 30 ball bingo are same as  s the 75-ball and 90-ball games, 30-ball bingo differs from those versions by offering considerably fewer number values, a higher rate of player involvement and an improved chance of picking up a valuable win with a full house.

Playing 30 ball bingo on iPad means winning big cash prizes and having multiple wins in a short space of time.

How to play 30 ball bingo on iPad?

30 ball bingo game play
You can play 30 ball bingo at online bingo sites or at bingo halls near you

You can play this game online or offline and 30 ball bingo operates on exactly the same basis as previous versions of the game that’s been played in halls for many generations: the first person to complete a winning pattern of numbers wins. Like any other Bingo it is also a game of chance, and it’s still a game that absolutely anybody can play to win some fabulous cash prizes.

All you need is to either join any friendly online casino with your iPad. Type the casino URL on your iPad safari browser and hit enter to access the casino to play bingo. Playing bingo in real time involves real money so make a friendly deposit in real AUD or BTC. Visit the bingo games and select 30 ball bingo. Tap to play.

A typical game of bingo begins with a player picking up a bingo ticket or strip. This can be done by selecting a ticket that contains some of your favourite lucky numbers or allowing the system to simply generate a ticket or two for you. When playing 30-ball bingo, you can pick up a strip by clicking the “Get New Strip” option, or alternatively select the “Auto Select Strips” box for the software to randomly generate one.

After opting-in by purchasing a number of bingo tickets, card-sales stop and the ball-wheel starts spinning. Numbers are then drawn randomly. If a player has one of the numbers on one of their cards, they can go ahead and mark that number off – a process frequently known as “daubing”. With this version of the game, there’s one way to win – and that’s by filling up your card. For those a little new to bingo, this is known as a “full house”. If you find a full house, you will see how real cash comes into your account.

The 30-Ball Bingo Game Card

How to play 30 Ball Bingo on iPad
Fill out your 3×3 card with nine little numbers and you’ve won yourself a prize.

The simplicity of the 30-ball bingo card allows players to pick up the rules of the game quickly, get selection of different values that have the potential to pop up during the course of one session. With 30-ball bingo, all you need to do is fill out your 3×3 card with nine little numbers and you’ve won yourself a prize.

If you have the numbers that roll up on screen – you’ll win what you’re entitled to. It really is as simple as that.

Online 30-ball bingo allows players to play multiple games in a matter of minutes even with your mobile. You can play this game at Australian friendly sites with awesome no deposit bonus. But note that not all bingo sites offer 30 ball bingo in their gaming catalog.

Remember you can practice this game with free bingo apps which are available at iTunes store or App stores. Download the bingo app that you want and play free bingo to practice the game.

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Where to play Bingo online in Australia?

Cyberbingo Australia
Cyber Bingo Australia

You can play Bingo online in Australia at many of the friendly bingo sites. Also many online casinos offer separate bingo games on their games lobby to play and win. Some of the best bingo sites in Australia are:

Cyber Bingo: Launched in 1996, this online Bingo sites offer various types of bingo games and tournaments. Also enjoy many pokies games to play as well. Get no deposit bonus to play bingo at Cyber bingo.

Bingo Fest: BingoFest has awarded millions in cash prizes from not only their award winning bingo rooms but also from their huge variety of Video pokies, Video Poker, Chain Reactors and casino Table Games.

Bingo Spirit: Bingo spirit was launched in 2004, and offers many types of bingo games.  At BingoSpirit, you can be part of one of the largest bingo communities online, available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. State of the art chat features and excellent customer service and support maintain the highest quality experience and fun. This coupled with huge bonuses and unsurpassed cash jackpots and prizes make BingoSpirit your one stop shop for online bingo.

Amigo Bingo: Grab $50 free no deposit at Amigo Bingo to play Bingo games. You can play large number of bingo games at various bingo rooms or play the pokies games of your choice. You can even make a deposit with Bitcoins and play bingo games here.

Now join any of the above bingo sites with your iPad or join iPad casinos to play bingo and have fun.