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Pokies for iPad: News

The what’s why’s and the how’s the latest on going regarding iPads and pokie games. In this section of news you will have how to articles where you can get information in simple steps to install a casino in your iPad, or how to download and use a particular app useful for you or the brands and their comparisons to get a good iPad and much more.

New iPad Pro X 2018

What design and features to expect in the new iPad Pro 2018

The new iPad Pro 2018 is also called the iPad X and is inspired by the iPhone X in design and features but with few changes with the interface coming with iOS 12 in Australia. With round corner screens that would make it match the iPhone X making it easier to swipe upwards from the […]

New ipad apps to download

Six new iPad Apps that you can have right now for your tablet

There are many iPad Apps that are launched each month. Many of them are paid apps and few of them are free. The twist here is that Apple by it’s choice makes these apps for free in a limited time and users take advantage of this to download them just right away. Here are the […]

Best Blackjack free apps for iPad

The eight best free blackjack game apps for iPad

Blackjack is one of the most popular games to play at casinos be it at real casinos or online casinos. This game is simple to play but not easy to win as require certain strategy to win. Before you indulge in this table game you obviously want to give it a free trial. Almost all […]

iPad keyboards

Eight best iPad Pro keyboards that you can get in 2018

iPad with keyboards look wonderful and give you the feel and look of a mini PC on your hand. iPad pro  gives you the same experience as it has a large screen 12.9 inches which is vene larger than some of laptops out there in the market. Whenever any iPad is launched, keyboards are also […]

iPad gaming software companies

Six high rated iPad gaming developers of 2018 to play pokies with iPad

When you wish to play pokies or casino or any other games with your iPad you have a choice. Because not all gaming apps are available for iPad and not all pokies or casinos are compatible with iPad. Though logging on to a casino is very easy with iPad by just typing the url of […]

Dropbox iPad

How to upload multiple files at once to Dropbox from iPad?

Dropbox as you all might be knowing is the easiest way to upload files be it your office documents, photos or videos. Dropbox app can be downloaded all free for your iPad from the app store. Log in with the email address you want to associate with Dropbox and once done on your device you […]

How to scan a QR Code with your iPad at online casinos to play pokies

How to scan QR codes at online casinos to play pokies on iPad?

You must have seen that many online sites ask you to scan QR Codes. At many of the online mobile casinos they ask you to scan the QR Code to play pokies. Before you know as how to scan these codes with your iPad you should understand what a QR Code is and where are […]

Face ID for Animojis in iPad

Apple may bring Face ID to the iPad soon this year

The launch of iOS 12 has brought in many new features for  Apple devices. Also with the latest launch in the line up of iPad 2018 it has brought in the support for Apple Pencil along with advanced Augmented Reality applications a new iPad Pro was expected to unveil this year’s WWDC, but didn’t happen […]

New 9.7-inch iPad

New 9.7-inch iPad: All that you wish to know about this new tablet

As Apple now has new 9.7 inch iPad, with upgraded sensors and support for the Apple Pencil in Australia, here is all that you wish to know about this new tablet. The new iPad specifications are almost same as the old iPad 9.7 inch only with some slight updates to get better performance. You will […]

How to buy Bitcoin from your iPad to play real money games at casinos?

How to buy Bitcoins from your iPad to play real money games at casinos?

Most of the online iPad casinos are now offering pokies and casino games in Bitcoins and other digital currencies. You can play and enjoy these games in real time with real BTC deposits with your iPad. If you are looking forward to play pokies, do sportsbetting, enjoy esports, or play at live casinos with Bitcoins […]

The Best 5 iPad POS Systems in Australia

POS often referred to as the point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. At the point of sale, the merchant would calculate the amount owed by the customer and indicate the amount, and may prepare an invoice for the customer which may be a cash or register printout, […]

Betting, Gambling and Mobile Casinos

Being able to play online casino was a great technological innovation enjoyed many years back as players were presented with the luxury of playing real money games while sitting at the comfort of their homes.  But surely as the years pass by, its novelty has begun to wear off and players felt less and less […]

Why online gaming casinos are best played in iPads?

Apple’s iPad has introduced numerous gaming and practical apps to its users since the day it was launched. You can do so much in an iPad. As the matter of fact, it is the device that separates iPhone from an actual laptop. Similarly, iPad makes gaming app more convenient for users. The following article narrows […]

Do you wish to Change Your iTunes Store Location on iPad- Follow this Trick

Wanna change your iTunes store location on your iPad? But why? The reason is that the need to change your iTunes store location arises if you are not able to get access to any pokies games app or any utility app for your iPad. If you remember when you buy your iPad you create an […]

Best Online Casinos for iPad Users

Casino players will be thrilled with the launching of iPad casino games today. Apps store has partnered with online casino providers and software developers to fulfill the need of iPad users in playing casino games. This time, customers don’t have to personally go to casino outlets just to play – because they can control the […]

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