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News is all about what you are always looking for to have the latest information. In this section you can get to know about various categories of information. You can come to know of the new upcoming iPad casinos that are Australian friendly where you can play live games, pokies, lotteries and do sports betting.

Find latest iPad news, Experts help on iOS tablet with great advice and guide articles for best of tips and tricks to use iPad as a Pro. Also come to know of the new iPad apps at app store, be it game or pokies apps, utility apps that you can find making life easier for you.

Also how to articles for iPad, like how to manage itunes subscriptions on ipad or what are the best plans for your iPad Australia.

If you are looking to a buy a new iPad you can find the best deals here with iPad product reviews and tech support. When you have got a new iPad you can also search here for best iPad cases, keyboards and apps that are necessary and work in tune with your latest tablet.

With whole bunch of commentary and articles on iPad be it iPad Pro or iPad Mini we cater every aspect of Apple iOS tablet in our news.

Also come to know of the latest technological development, new smartphones, best mobile plans and carriers in Australia, news, political news, gaming news, as well as other kind of news that might interest you. What is going on in your country, state and locality who, where and what to know.

Not only this you will have all sorts of information and guide articles that will help you in playing pokies and live games. Do keep an eye on this section for some great videos to watch and good post to read.

Price iPad Pro

All the new things to find in the new iPad Pro 2018

The new iPad Pro was launched last year and is packed with all new features which are quite interesting.  Two versions of the 2018 iPad Pro comes in  11 inch and 12.9 inch each has the option of 64GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB of storage. All versions offer faster data transfer and charging, as well […]

Desktop version of online casino on your iPad

How to view the desktop version of an online casino on your iPad?

All the online casinos these days have optimized their gaming sites for mobile as well as iPad to make things easier for gamers to access pokies on any gaming device. But that doesn’t mean that they have discarded their desktop or PC version. Infact PC version is the first and foremost to be found at […]

iPad games for kids

The five best iPad games to keep your kids happy and busy on vacations

Fruit Ninja The Adventures of Poco Eco  Mucho Party  Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes  Pokemon Go  It is the right of kids too to enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Many parents prepare in advance to have their kids preoccupied so that they don’t get bored on holidays. Often moms want their kids to learn […]

Best Vacation apps 2019

The Seven Best Vacation Apps for iPad 2019

Vacation is a time to enjoy with your family and friends. As Christmas and New Year is fast approaching, here are the seven best vacation apps for your iPad to plan your trips to the wonderful destinations around the world in 2019 and get best of deals. 1. Google Trips Free App This app that […]

Gift apps for holidays 2018

Five free iPad apps that will sure shot help you with gifts planning this holiday season

Holiday season has started and you are all set to buy gifts for your friends, family and near and dear ones. In this techy world iPad, smartphones come so handy and lets us organize our gifts, buy items,  search for travel, get finances checked and save money, and other holiday stuff we might be interested […]

Customize your iPad settings

How to customize some of the useful features and apps in your iPad?- Calendar, Cellular Data and More

Customize your Calendar, Turn off updates on Cellular Data, Customize your notes and Turn off Ratings  in iPad within seconds. Customizing your iPad to work according to your terms is what makes it work more efficiently.  Here find five such tips to customize your iPad Calendar, Notes, App Ratings and Cellular Data within seconds of […]

Win a drone

Win a drone by downloading free Build Aria iPad app for Augmented Reality of your Furniture

There is chance to win AU$630 Drone in the latest competition held by Street Furniture Australia where you can download their new free app which offers a new way to configure and visualise furniture, with an Augmented Reality (AR) app that brings seating to life in your office or onsite. This app helps you create […]

New iPad Pro X 2018

What design and features to expect in the new iPad Pro 2018

The new iPad Pro 2018 is also called the iPad X and is inspired by the iPhone X in design and features but with few changes with the interface coming with iOS 12 in Australia. With round corner screens that would make it match the iPhone X making it easier to swipe upwards from the […]

New ipad apps to download

Six new iPad Apps that you can have right now for your tablet

There are many iPad Apps that are launched each month. Many of them are paid apps and few of them are free. The twist here is that Apple by it’s choice makes these apps for free in a limited time and users take advantage of this to download them just right away. Here are the […]

Best Blackjack free apps for iPad

The eight best free blackjack game apps for iPad

Blackjack is one of the most popular games to play at casinos be it at real casinos or online casinos. This game is simple to play but not easy to win as require certain strategy to win. Before you indulge in this table game you obviously want to give it a free trial. Almost all […]

iPad keyboards

Eight best iPad Pro keyboards that you can get in 2018

iPad with keyboards look wonderful and give you the feel and look of a mini PC on your hand. iPad pro  gives you the same experience as it has a large screen 12.9 inches which is vene larger than some of laptops out there in the market. Whenever any iPad is launched, keyboards are also […]

iPad gaming software companies

Six high rated iPad gaming developers of 2018 to play pokies with iPad

When you wish to play pokies or casino or any other games with your iPad you have a choice. Because not all gaming apps are available for iPad and not all pokies or casinos are compatible with iPad. Though logging on to a casino is very easy with iPad by just typing the url of […]

Dropbox iPad

How to upload multiple files at once to Dropbox from iPad?

Dropbox as you all might be knowing is the easiest way to upload files be it your office documents, photos or videos. Dropbox app can be downloaded all free for your iPad from the app store. Log in with the email address you want to associate with Dropbox and once done on your device you […]

How to scan a QR Code with your iPad at online casinos to play pokies

How to scan QR codes at online casinos to play pokies on iPad?

You must have seen that many online sites ask you to scan QR Codes. At many of the online mobile casinos they ask you to scan the QR Code to play pokies. Before you know as how to scan these codes with your iPad you should understand what a QR Code is and where are […]

Face ID for Animojis in iPad

Apple may bring Face ID to the iPad soon this year

The launch of iOS 12 has brought in many new features for  Apple devices. Also with the latest launch in the line up of iPad 2018 it has brought in the support for Apple Pencil along with advanced Augmented Reality applications a new iPad Pro was expected to unveil this year’s WWDC, but didn’t happen […]

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