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News is all about what you are always looking for to have the latest information. In this section you can get to know about various categories of information. You can come to know of the new upcoming iPad casinos that are Australian friendly where you can play live games, pokies, lotteries and do sports betting.

Find latest iPad news, Experts help on iOS tablet with great advice and guide articles for best of tips and tricks to use iPad as a Pro. Also come to know of the new iPad apps at app store, be it game or pokies apps, utility apps that you can find making life easier for you.

Also how to articles for iPad, like how to manage itunes subscriptions on ipad or what are the best plans for your iPad Australia.

If you are looking to a buy a new iPad you can find the best deals here with iPad product reviews and tech support. When you have got a new iPad you can also search here for best iPad cases, keyboards and apps that are necessary and work in tune with your latest tablet.

With whole bunch of commentary and articles on iPad be it iPad Pro or iPad Mini we cater every aspect of Apple iOS tablet in our news.

Also come to know of the latest technological development, new smartphones, best mobile plans and carriers in Australia, news, political news, gaming news, as well as other kind of news that might interest you. What is going on in your country, state and locality who, where and what to know.

Not only this you will have all sorts of information and guide articles that will help you in playing pokies and live games. Do keep an eye on this section for some great videos to watch and good post to read.


10 wonderful platformer game apps for your iPad

Platformer games are loved by all types of players. These are actully video games subgenre of action game. In a platformer the player controlled character must jump and climb between suspended platforms while avoiding obstacles. Environments often feature uneven terrain of varying height that must be traversed. The player often has some control over the height […]

Best iPad apps for 2019

10 popular apps for iPad that you must have in 2019

Apps are a kind of life for your iPad or iPhone or any other smartphone or tablet. Without apps many things don’t work and your device seems to be dead. There are hundreds of apps at iTunes app store that you wonder which one to pick. Obviously no one can download all of them. Being […]

Home Hub on iPad

iPad works as a Home Hub for Apple’s HomeKit devices

Step by step method to set up Home Hub on iPad With Apple’s HomeKit framework you can now easily control compatible connected smart devices  that you have installed in your home using the Home app on iOS. There are some features of HomeKit that require you to designate a device as a Home Hub, which […]

Steam Link App

How can you play PC games on iPad with Steam Link?

You can easily stream and enjoy PC games on your iPad. There are many third party apps that help you in playing your desktop games on iPad. One such is Steam Link and you can play nearly any Steam game on your iPad. The only thing you need to remember is that your both devices […]

IPad games without internet

Which games can I play without internet on my iPad in 2019?

Most of the game apps or casinos work online with a good internet or WIFI. But there are also  many outstanding games that you can play without internet on your iPad. Afterall there are many punters who cannot get hooked to online presence all the time. Also with limited data plans, gamers run out of […]


How to play Lotteries with iPad in Australia?

The two main type of lotteries that can you play If you are proud owner of any iPad with iOS 8.0 and above you can play lotteries with your wonderful tablet. There are two main types of lottery games that you can play with your iPad in Australia. Some of these lottery games can be […]

Best iPad to buy in Australia

Which iPad is best to buy now in 2019?

The new iPad Air and iPad Mini was released few months back and many tablet fans want to know which iPad is best to buy now in 2019. Well, the answer to this question entirely depends on your need. Suppose you love pokies and games to play then obviously you fill start looking for the best […]

Apple music subscriptions in Australia

Apple Music for Alexa comes now to your IPad

Apple Music for Alexa is now available for Australian customers. To have this on your iPad device you need to get an Apple music subscription. Also you need an Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, or Alexa-enabled Sonos speaker that you already set up with the Amazon Alexa app on your iOS or Android device. Make sure that you update […]

iOS 13 features on iPad

What are the new features of iOS 13 to explore in iPad?

Apple is soon going to release iOS 13 with many outstanding features to explore. This update will be available now for all the iOS devices. iOS 13 is faster and more responsive with optimizations across the system that improve app launch, reduce app download sizes and make Face ID even faster. Here are some of the […]

iPad iOS 12.2

13 new features for your iPad if you get iOS12.2 update

Apple announced latest iPad iOS 12.2 update in April 2019 and many of you might have already got it on your iPad. This latest version of iOS operating system comes with various new features. Before you come to know of these outstanding new features for those who haven’t yet got this new software version installed […]

You tube on iPad

Now get 1080p YouTube videos in iPad Safari- Try the desktop version on iPad

Now Safari can now show 1080p video on YouTube. In contrast to earlier the only way to get 1080p YouTube videos on the iPad was to use the YouTube app. But now you can view full 1080p video in Mobile Safari on your iPad. You’ve always been able to switch YouTube from the mobile site to […]

External storage on iPad

The eleven best external storage devices for your iPad in 2019

There are many external storage devices available in the market for your iPad if you run out of space on your device and wanna save your important data. Though you can try deleting unused apps or move few files to cloud to get some space on your iPad but still you may need more to […]

How to update an app on iPad

Wanna update an app on your iPad- Here is how to do it easily

Apps need to be updated from time to time so that they work all smooth. Many games apps, utility apps or any kind of apps add new features to their applications and that is the reason you have to update them regularly to keep using them all smooth. Also an updated app works fantastic as […]

New iPad Pro

When to expect new iPad Pro 2019- 2020 in Australia?

Apple unveiled new iPad Pros at its special press event in October 2018, but many tech sites have started speculating about their release date, specs and new features. Here are the rumours and the leaks from various news sources that have brought forward the new iPad pro features and specifications. The new iPad Pro design Apple […]

Note sync with ipad

Three ways to prevent your notes to sync across your iPad

You can prevent your notes on your iPhone from being accessed by others on your iPad. Notes apps help you store your important information on your iOS devices be it iPhone or iPad. But do you know what happens when your sensitive and private notes sync across your iPad via iCloud from your iPhone? These […]

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