The 5 outstanding Facebook Apps you can have for your iPad

You enjoy Facebook each day every moment and in fact it has become a part o f your life. When you browse it with your iPad some times it is just not that friendly with photos not fitting in screen or links sometimes too small. So to have your smooth social networking there are many iPad friendly apps to download all free to have a great excitement with your friends. Here are the five outstanding Facebook Apps that you can have for your iPad.

1. My Pad

My iPad

My Pad is a free app available at iTunes which was earlier known as FacePad. MyPad offers support for both Facebook and Twitter, so it is great if you want one single app to check both FB and Twitter as it allows you to post your status updates to both. With easy to use interface you can check out profiles, browse photos and chat with friends.

2. Facely


Facely is another free app you can find at iTunes. Instead of using the customary split controller used by many apps, Facely gives the entire width of the screen to your live feed, events, places and other Facebook pages. It also employs a nicely sized font with which you can hit your news feed or get update from friends with a solid chat client as well.

3. Friendly


Again this is a free app at iTunes which is a face-lift for Facebook rather than a true client. Built on web technologies, Friendly works like a web browser with unique Facebook pages, and allows Friendly to go beyond normal Facebook apps, giving you access to features like profile settings and Facebook games.

As the name goes gives Facebook a more friendly interface for the iPad, and in many respects, it achieves that goal. The fact that you can do so much with the app combined with its support for multiple accounts makes it perfect for households with more than one Facebook addict.

4. Facebook


Facebook is free app to download from iTunes with a clean interface and promises to keep up to date on the latest Facebook features. The app makes updating your status, chatting with friends and viewing photo albums easy, but there are some areas where the interface could be cleaner.

5. Flip board

Flip Board

Flip Board app is a free app at iTunes for iPad. Flipboard is a news reader that also connects with your social media be it Facebook and Twitter. For Twitter, this means grabbing the links people share and turning them into a custom newspaper. For Facebook, Flipboard turns your news feed into an interactive magazine, complete with photos shared and the latest updates highlighted.

You can enjoy these free apps and have great Facebook experience and features to enjoy.