iPad Pro 2- What all specifications it reveals

iPad Pro 2

iPad Pro 2 is all set to be released hopefully by March this year and every one of us are quite eager to know as to what the upcoming Apple flagship tablet will hold its features. Here are some of the specifications you might be interested to know.

The new iPad Pro 2 will have the same changes as that of the latest Apple devices with only thing that it will get more slimmer as its predecessor the iPad Pro which currently weighs around 713 grams.

The new iPad Pro 2 is also expected to share most of its specs with the iPad Pro, but will likely sport a noticeable absence of the earphone jacks, like the iPhone 7s. It is also being said to be water- and dust-resistant like the Apple flagship mobile devices, and is powered by A10X chipset and the iOS 11.

Among the upgrades expected for the iPad Pro 2 is the added True Tone display, which would automatically adjust the white balance, 4k video recording via a 12 MP and 5 MP front and rear camera, respectively. Moreover, it is said to have Apple Pencil support across several software.

The iPad Pro 2 will come in three different sizes. There’ll be 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch models, just like with the original range, but there’ll also apparently be a 10.5-inch version.

Though there is no mention of the resolution or any other details, but we can predict that all models of the iPad Pro 2 will come with a True Tone display as said above, which debuted on the iPad Pro 9.7. True Tone allows your tablet to alter the screen’s color temperature depending on the ambient lighting of where you use it, so you can see the image properly no matter what conditions you’re in.

Apple rarely changes the resolution of its device’s screens; in fact, it hasn’t upped the 9.7-inch iPad’s resolution since the iPad 3 in 2012. As the 1536 x 2048 display doesn’t feel lacking, so we expect the iPad Pro 2 9.7 will keep that resolution.

Similarly, the iPad Pro 2 12.9 will probably stay at 2048 x 2732 and the iPad Pro 2 10.5 – if it exists, which feels unlikely given it would be far too close to the 9.7-inch model in screen size  will presumably come somewhere in the middle.

You would expect to see some improvements to the display, but like the addition of True Tone on the iPad Pro 9.7 these are likely to be software tweaks or technology improvements, rather than an increased resolution.

One such improvement could be 3D Touch, which you’ll find on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. This essentially makes the screen pressure-sensitive, so a hard press on something will yield different results to a light one.

Bigger changes could come with the iPad Pro 3, likely in 2018, with talk of a curved AMOLED display.


The iPad Pro 9.7 has a 12MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facing one, so we’d expect at least that from the iPad Pro 2. Chances are Apple won’t change the megapixel count, as both cameras on the iPad Pro 9.7 are already an upgrade on the iPad Pro 12.9’s snappers.

Although given that Apple stuck a larger lens on the iPhone 7 and a dual-lens on the iPhone 7 Plus it’s possible that it will bring one of those to the iPad Pro 2.

Yet there is no news on battery size but in any case it’s likely to vary depending on which screen size you opt for.

You could also see more RAM in the iPad Pro 2, or at least the 9.7-inch model. The iPad Pro 12.9 already has 4GB of RAM, but the iPad Pro 9.7 has just 2GB, so it would make sense for Apple to push the new model up in line with the 12.9-inch slate.

The Smart Connector is bound to make a return, giving users an easy way to connect keyboards and other accessories to the slate. The iPad Pro 2 will obviously support the Apple Pencil and there’s every chance Apple will release new versions of the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard alongside it.

With such specifications in hand it is time to wait as according to various technical sources publicised in last few months, the new iPad Pro 2 is expected to launch sometime in March 2017, although new reports suggest that it might launch in 2018 at the latest. It’s also expected to cost $799 for the lowest-end configuration, and around $1,200 for the highest iPad Pro 2 variant.