Apple Music now bug-free with the release of the iTunes 12.2.1 to rid of bugs issues of Apple Music

Apple announced the release of a minor update to iTunes recently to deal with the problems users were experiencing with iTunes Match and cloud services.

Release of the iTunes 12.2.1 to rid of bugs issues of Apple Music

The Problem

Before iTunes 12.2.1, iTunes songs from its iTunes Match mislabels matched songs, or inappropriately converted songs from Matched to Apple Music status and the unsolicited addition of their Fairplay DRM. This has caused a lot of subscribers to shun subscribing to Apple Music.

However, the iTunes 12.2.1 release have some users complaining that Home Sharing is no longer working on their iOS gadgets. This inconvenience is even more highlighted as Home Sharing remains to be fully functional for Apple TV and computer to computer where it allows video sharing. It should be a relief to millions of subscribers that it is only music that cannot be shared to iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. The Home Sharing capability will be available in iOS 9. Thus, users will have to make do with what the Apple Music free trial subscription offers until iOS9 release. Let’s hope it will be soon and be thankful even for this small piece of good fortune.

The Fix

Trust Apple to deal with even the minutest of bugs in a jiffy, a couple of weeks after the iOS 8.4 Apple Music was unveiled, the Company also announced the release of iTunes 12.2.1 which should fix some minor problems experienced by its users.

Apple released iTunes 12.2 a couple of weeks ago as it launched iOS 8.4 and OS X 10.10.4. The latest Apple Music service which is priced at $9.99 a month makes available to users any requested song, create playlists and utilizes the Apple Music Match facility to offer better quality versions of the songs which are already in the subscriber’s library.

However, the fix comes with a caveat, there is an explicit procedure highlighted in the support document that Apple released and this you should follow explicitly, otherwise you could have more problems than you ever bargained for that could really mess up your music library. After installing the update, you will indeed see the mismatched songs automatically corrected. Then Apple further instructs that any song that were incorrectly downloaded as Apple Music can be removed and downloaded again. This is where you have to be very careful, because if you press the wrong button, restoring your tracks will be quite problematic.

So how to download?

You can now download iTunes 12.2.1 at further allows Beats 1 radio station operate without a hitch.