Noteworthy iPad Apps

A tablet no matter how good it looks, without a good collection of apps is actually nothing because it is the software that really makes the tablet perform its mission.

The iPad is one of the most expensive tablets available in the market today, if not the most expensive. But it continues to clobber the competition because of its collection of apps.  Apple confirmed that more than 500 thousand apps exclusively for iPad have been launched worldwide.  Having the right combination of apps can have the iPad help its user do anything.

Noteworthy iPad Apps of 2015

A problem that most users encounter is how to sift through these hundreds of iPad apps and choose only those are worthy of being downloaded.  To make things easier for you, especially for those who are just new in this apps selection thing, you can go to sites that rate apps and give suggestions on what to pick.  There are also sites that offer user reviews of apps but going through them and giving a lot of thoughts to their opinions could also be another tedious and even more confusing process.  High quality apps many not even have enough reviews on them.  So cut yourself some slack and let us help you pick some noteworthy apps.

Social Networking

For this category, it has to be Facebook for iPad and Twitter for iPad which can be downloaded for free.

Business and Productivity Apps

  • Citrix Go To My PC makes it easy to control your computer even if you are away from your work area.
  • Cubby is a worthy app because it gives you flexibility and designates folders on your table for syncing
  • This is Dropbox’s dedicated Mailbox is an app for email management system.
  • Microsoft Excel for iPad, you get the basic functions such as formatting, sorting, columns, rows, filtering, and charting styles.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad is very easy to use, responsive, fast and adaptable to touch interface
  • Microsoft Word for iPad is the first app that is able to do word processing properly for tablets as it does revision tracking and editing.
  • com Jobs, it is the leader on online services that makes job hunting much easier and more fun.

Communication Apps

AIM is one of the best instant apps for iPad.  You can create several user names, send IMS, get network updates, chat with Google Talk and Facebook users.

Entertainment Apps

  • Spotify for iPad is an eye and ear candy
  • YouTube for iPad captures most of YouTube works, which is the largest source of videos.
  • Netflix, free to download but needs Netflix streaming account to enhance this app which will allow you to watch movies directly on your mobile gadget and enjoy excellent streaming.