Bold Poker App- Your Own Poker Dealer

Bold Poker
How many times do you have to run and manager a poker table while playing poker online. Do you maintain your cards, poker chips and shuffle the cards, deal and collect them out when the hand is over and also give out and collect chips! It seems so much of task at the poker screen. What if you have your own poker dealer to deal with all such things. Bold Poker App is the answer which works as your own poker dealer. Playing more hands and enhancing your home game this Bold poker app displays the board cards beautifully on your iPad. This app is designed to recreate rather than replace your typical poker event allowing you to play with real chips. So just host or join a poker table with a single tap and replace your first bets in seconds.

How does Bold Poker App work

bold poker2
First you will have to download the free bold poker app and the app automatically will loop everyone into the poker game. Your iPad itself will act as a dealer and shuffle and dole out each hand to other players. Then just swipe to reveal the cards, and bet how you normally would using the chips you brought along. You’ll use real chips to place bets and feel good raking in your winnings. Bold Poker replaces the deck of cards only and not the chips relieving you of the time-consuming work of collecting, shuffling and dealing.

  • To deal a new hand all you do is move the button on the iPad to the next player and new cards are dealt
  • Swipe on the iPad to reveal the flop, turn and river
  • Bold Poker automatically takes care of connecting all your devices
  • You can use Bold Poker to deal all night long for you for free.
  • The dealer will only take a five-minute long “cigarette break” after every 30 minutes of play. Or unlock to get a full night of uninterrupted professional play. (you have to pay $1.99 for this and note that only one player needs to unlock uninterrupted play for the table via an In-App Purchase on their iPhone or iPad)

What you need to have to play with Bold Poker App

  • Bold Poker requires an internet connection to play (Wi-Fi recommended for hour long-rounds).
  • You will still need chips to play
  • Each player will need an Smartphone with the free Bold Poker app installed

Is Bold Poker App Safe

Bold Poker Secure
Bold Poker is safe and secure to use. It shuffles your cards better than any human or shuffle machine can. All communication is encrypted (using TLS 1.2 with certificate pinning and forward secrecy) and cannot be intercepted or decrypted at any time.

Where can you get this Bold Poker App

This App is free and is available at iTunes and Google Play Store. It requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.