iPad Home Button- Be A Bit Creative!

iPad Button
Have you ever tried to be playful with your home button of your iPad! The home button is a small circular button looks like a small box and is located at the middle bottom of the iPad. And what you do with the home button? You will obviously say waking up the iPad when ready to use or exit out of an iPad app after its use. But do you know there are few other things that you can do with your home button.

  • Double Click the home button and you can straight away have the multitasking screen. You will come to see the most recent apps or places you have been to and had opened. In this way you can control too switch between apps. You can also close apps by ‘flicking’ them off the top of the screen.   This screen also shows the people have most recently contacted on your iPhone or your iPad.
  • Do you wish to have a screen shot! You can take a screenshot of your iPad by holding down the Wake/Suspend button at the top of the iPad and clicking the Home Button.  This can be great if you want to show someone exactly what is on your screen at that time.
  • Activate your Siri. Yes with the Home Button you can activate Siri. Simply hold down the Home Button until the iPad beeps at you and the screen changes to a blank screen with the words “How Can I Help You?”.  Remember, Siri isn’t available on the original iPad or the iPad 2. This will help you to perform voice searches and ask questions. Siri will instantly start listening after you long-press the Home button, so you can simply long press it and start speaking.
  • If you visit Settings -> General -> Home, you can choose to have a double-click of the button bring up the first Home screen, Search screen or iPod. From the Home button menu you can turn on a feature that will pop up a dialog box with iPod controls if you double-click the Home button whilst listening to you iPod music.
  • The Home button may also be used if you’re trapped in a frozen or hung application. You can often escape by holding down the Home button for around six seconds.

Any more useful tips to make full use of Home Button? Do share with us.