Burning Desire


One of the hottest games released into the ever-ballooning Microgaming empire, which allows games to be played on mobile devices such as Apple iPad’s and iPods allowing people to stay on the move whilst playing their favourite games. A comparatively new gaming style recently released into the general public, the game has been received as popular and enjoyable by a cross-section of players. Dissimilar to other games typically found in online casinos and other Microgaming providers, Burning Desire sports classical graphics used as their symbols and in a clean and non-busy fashion.

One of the main problems with games is players can feel overwhelmed with the vast array of colours and flashing images – with Burning Desire, this is simply not the case. The sounds accompanying the game stick to the trend being ‘typical’ of casinos.

Basic Features

Burning Desire is a 5 reels, 243 pay lines, which in comparison to some 30 and 40 pay line games, is incredibly high. Included in the popular game is; scatter symbols, wildcards, the opportunity to win free spins and everyone’s favourite multipliers. A new feature which Burning Desire is an example of in the base code of these games is showing the player the potential value of a win, for example, when a player clicks on a symbol in the game itself, the potential value or pay out of that symbol will appear. This is just one example of how Burning Desire is moving the Microgaming industry forward.


Also featured in the main game are ace, king, queen, jack, 10 and 9 cards from any standard casino card deck. One feature in common with other games is the use of the logo as the wild symbol, given the wild symbols action this is hardly surprising. So, in the case of Burning Desire, the games logo becomes the wild symbol. When activated, the wild symbol substitutes all other symbols on the reel, with one exception being any gold coin symbols. There only needs to be one wild symbol on either reel 2 or 4 before a winning combination forms.

Potential Bonuses

Overall, there are 243 potential ways of winning a pay out with Burning Desire, for those of you who hadn’t worked this out, this means all symbols in the game act as scatter symbols to then deliver a winning combination. There is ample opportunity to obtain free spins in Burning Desire too! If you achieve 3, 4 or 5 gold coin symbols adjacent to each other, the free spin function will trigger rewarding you with 15 free spins – as expected, during this game, all winnings are tripled.

How to play Burning Desire on your iPad

As previously highlighted, Burning Desire is an incredibly popular game, for good reasons, such as the pay outs are real whilst the gaming experience is fairly unrivalled. Both sounding and looking like you’re in a real casino goes a long way to heighten the player’s perceived experience whilst playing Burning Desire. Below are the steps which allow you to play Burning Desire:

  1. Click on ‘Play Now’ button.
  2. Register for free and.
  3. Play right on your browser.
  4. You can play just for Fun or with Real Cash. It’s really up to you.