Slots of Gold

Slots of Gold is a Irish themed slot game released on Apple’s iOS, otherwise known as their operating system for Apple mobile products such as the iPhone and iPad, as a result, the game Slots of Gold has been developed and published for playing in a Microgaming environment as its first priority. The world of Microgaming has recently taken off with typically younger generations downloading games such as Pharaoh’s Way to play whilst on the move in their day to day lives. The theme is supposed to emulate typical old Irish themes and legends.

The game Slots of Gold has been well manufactured and released by its developers earning generally positive reviews from customers who have bought chips and then continued to play. The graphics are sharp and in-line with the general themes, games (all four of them) play well and all animations are generally smooth – this is dependent on the workload of the CPU and device at the time.

Basic Features

Somewhat different from typical slot games, Slots of Gold includes four separate games for players to attempt all with individual scoring systems. As previously mentioned Slots of Gold offer potential gamers the chance to play not one slot game, but infact the chance to play 4 entirely different slot games on their mobile device whilst on the move.


There is a fair divide when it comes to Microgaming, games will either credit you in money directly after succeeding in achieving a winning combination, whereas other games will attempt to retain players by awarding them an entirely arbitrary currency which they can redeem in-game or out of the game for a generally lower exchange rate into ‘real’ money.

Depending on the game will result in a different currency which can later be used to either purchase benefits in the separate games or exchange for their true monetary value. Unlike other slot games, Slots of Gold will not simply charge your contract or number with the cost of replenishing chips once you run out, instead you must go through the process of re-ordering them manually. Some argue this is awkward and unnecessary whilst others argue you can avoid racking up large bills. The currency of the game being played can also be used to level you up which gives rise to better rates of attaining that currency.

Potential Bonuses

We have found the rate you are awarded coins doesn’t actually change when compared to the level you’re on. Overall, the game can be interesting and fun, especially as there is four separate games to have a go at, however, after playing them for long enough or reaching a stage where levelling up becomes irritating, the game can become somewhat monotonous. Therefore, the potential to actually accrue any large amounts in terms of bonus prizes is slim.

How to play Slots of Gold on your iPad

Slots of Gold is a popular game choice amongst our customers because of its well-executed game dynamics system and fantastically thought though brand, for these reasons, we know you’ll love it. Below are the steps through which you will be able to play Slots of Gold:

  1. Click on ‘Play Now’ button.
  2. Register for free and.
  3. Play right on your browser.
  4. You can play just for Fun or with Real Cash. It’s really up to you.