The four new hottest apps that you can have for your iPad now

Four new iPad apps

If you are looking for the new apps right now then here are the four hottest one that you can download on your iPad right now. These apps are great fun for kids and informative with utility tools to enjoy for grown ups.

1. Diary Zapp App

Diary Zap App

Diary Zapp app is better for kids to keep track of their days. You can create, learn, craft, tell your story and share it among friends. The app features can offer you to style the unique Zappicon characters to any shape, size or crazy colours. Add wings, a sword or even a unicorn horn to its head, then take a selfie styled photo to add to your day. You can earn points for reaching Diary Zapp milestones to unlock more sticker rewards from the treasure trove full of stickers, Illustrate every entry with a full kit of colouring pens and tools, Make each day extra special by importing photos into the entry. Then squiggle moustaches and fairies over them to add that final perfect touch, create as many pages as you want and you can register up to four other Dairy zappers too.

Diary Zapp was initially borne with a mission to help prevent learning loss, or the ‘summer slide’ as it’s known. Even ten minutes of writing, drawing and reading a day helps to protect them against the negative impact of six weeks off.

The app is not free you need to spend AU$5.99 to have this app on your iPad. Download from iTunes now.

2. Hotel Tonight App

Hotel tonight app

Hotel Tonight is best  hottest new app available free at iTunes store. This app helps you easily locate a great hotel with best deals.  With three taps, one swipe, you’re booked! Check with over 15K awesome hotels in 35 countries across the globe and get last minute deals, book in advance, seach by city, attractions or nearby hotels on a map, Get discounts from the app and get 24/7 customer support as well.
Download the app now from iTunes for iOS9.0 and up iPad devices.

3. Mr. Brown Can Moo App

Mr. Brown can moo app

The full name of this app is “Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can you?” from the best-selling Dr. Seuss classic that offers playful interactivity, delightful animations and fun activities for kids. You can tap and drag to find playful surprises throughout the book, practice spelling, phonics, rhyming, and reading comprehension in new Learning Activities, read along with highlighting narration, read it yourself, or enjoy auto play, explore new vocabulary by tapping words and pictures

This app is designed specifically for beginning readers and aligned with kindergarten level English Language Arts (ELA) standards. You can download this app from iTunes which is not free and will cost you $5.99AUD

4. Mirage World App

Mirage world app

Mirage app is a free app to download from iTunes where you can create and leave interactive compositions on top of the real world. You can create your own mirage, place gifs, objects, text, hashtags, photos, and drawings anywhere for others to see and also adventure to find and encounter mirages created by others.  You can also record mirages you find and let your friends know where to find them.

This app is compatible with iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 10.5-inch iPad Pro and iPod touch.

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