How to Mute Words on Twitter for your iOS iPad and iPhone

How to Mute Words on Twitter for your iOS iPad and iPhone

In the early 2017 Twitter had rolled out many of its advanced filtering features where you can easily block words, phrases, hostages and more. You can now easily therefore take advantage of these filtering features on Twitter with your iPad. The necessity to bring these filtering tools was because many a times you feel abused, stressed or even sick reaching out for news or information that contain such words that you know are not right for your viewing or even hearing.  Also if you have kids at home you need to mute certain words to avoid them seeing or observing such videos.
So now with these new feature you can easily mute such terms and words and prevent them from coming in your twitter feed.

Twitter account on iPad

In order to take advantage of the new filtering features, follow the steps below:

  • Tap the “Notifications” tab in the bottom navigation bar in your Twitter account
  • Tap the Settings icon in the upper-left corner
  • Tap the “Muted words” menu
  • To add a word to this list, tap the “Add” button
  • Type the word, phrase, username, or hashtag you want muted
  • Customize the muting using the settings below the input field

There are a variety of settings available to further customize the muted word. You can choose whether to mute the word from appearing in notifications, from appearing in the Home timeline, or both. You can also choose whether to mute the word from anyone or from people you don’t follow. You can also choose for how long you want you want to mute a word, ranging from 24 hours to forever.

To ensure you get the new features as soon as possible, you can download the latest version of Twitter for iOS from the App Store.

Though twitter is fun to get connected with the world and meet interesting people as well as marketing tool for business but sometimes this social media app creates worse situation for many and it is being filled with anything and everything by anyone in the world whether good or bad. Muting words or phrases is best way to filter what you are just tired of hearing.