How to scan QR codes at online casinos to play pokies on iPad?

How to scan a QR Code with your iPad at online casinos to play pokies

You must have seen that many online sites ask you to scan QR Codes. At many of the online mobile casinos they ask you to scan the QR Code to play pokies. Before you know as how to scan these codes with your iPad you should understand what a QR Code is and where are they used.

QR Code

How to scan QR Code with your iPad

QR code also known as Quick Response Code is the trademark for a type of matrix which was first designed in 1994 for the automotive industry in Japan. A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached. A QR code uses four standardized encoding modes to efficiently store data; extensions may also be used.

A QR code consists of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device such as a camera, and processed using Reed–Solomon error correction until the image can be appropriately interpreted. The required data is then extracted from patterns that are present in both horizontal and vertical components of the image. It is now widely used around the world to get to websites quicker, and it can also be used for advertisements.

Uses of QR Codes

How to scan QR Code with your iPad

QR codes can be used to log into websites: a QR code is shown on the login page on a computer screen, and when a registered user scans it with a verified smartphone, they will automatically be logged in. Authentication is performed by the smartphone which contacts the server.  Best example is online casinos where you need a smartphone or tablet to scan it which then converts it to the casino URL for mobile or iPad browser to read it.

QR code has become a focus of advertising strategy, since it provides a way to access a brand’s website more quickly than by manually entering a URL.

QR codes are used in commercial tracking, entertainment and transport ticketing, product and loyalty marketing and in-store product labeling.

They can also be used in storing personal information for use by organizations. Users may receive text, add a vCard contact to their device, open a URI, or compose an e-mail or text message after scanning QR codes. They can generate and print their own QR codes for others to scan and use by visiting one of several pay or free QR code-generating sites or apps.

Uses of QR Codes

QR codes are used and printed on train tickets in China since 2010.

QR codes storing addresses and URLs may appear in magazines, on signs, on buses, on business cards, or on almost any object about which users might want information.

Users with a camera phone equipped with the correct reader application can scan the image of the QR code to display text, contact information, connect to a wireless network, or open a web page in the telephone’s browser.

The application that scans the QR code retrieves the geo information by using GPS and cell tower triangulation (aGPS) or the URL encoded in the QR code itself is associated with a location.

QR codes have been incorporated into currency. In June 2011 The Royal Dutch Mint issued the world’s first official coin with a QR code to celebrate the centenary of its current building and premises. The coin can be scanned by a smartphone and link to a special website with contents about the historical event and design of the coin.

Uses of QR codes at online casinos

QR codes can be used on various mobile device operating systems. These devices support URL redirection, which allows QR codes to send metadata to existing applications on the device. Many paid or free apps are available with the ability to scan the codes and hard-link to an external URL.

QR codes can be used to store bank account information or credit card information, or they can be specifically designed to work with particular payment provider applications.

QR codes are commonly used in the field of cryptographic currencies, particularly those based on and including Bitcoin.  Payment addresses, cryptographic keys and transaction information are often shared between digital wallets in this way.

Popular video games, such as Fez and The Talos Principle, have incorporated QR codes as story and/or gameplay elements.

Put a QR code on your business card, and people can copy all your contact info into their phone in a heartbeat. Post a QR code somewhere in your house, and guests can use it to instantly sign on to your Wi-Fi network.

How to scan QR codes for playing pokies on iPad?

How to scan QR codes at online casinos

Many online casinos specially there mobile casinos ask you to use QR Code to play pokies with your mobile or iPad.

You used to need a third-party app to scan QR codes, but with iOS 11 Apple built it right into the camera app. It couldn’t be easier to use.

Here are step to step guide as how to scan the QR code at an online casino to play pokies on iPad

First, open the Camera app on your iPad

Then, point the camera at a QR code so it can see it clearly.

Soon a notification should pop up with an action based on the QR code scanned. If it contains a Wi-Fi SSID and passcode, you can join the network with just a tap without the need for typing or tinkering with the Settings menu. If it contains contact info, you’ll be prompted to add the person to your iPad’s Contacts.

Once the QR code has been scanned the online casino will open. Then open an account or log in and play.

In case you do not see a notification popup even though the QR code is well-lit and clearly in view, check to make sure the feature is enabled. Head to Settings, then Camera. Make sure Scan QR Codes is enabled and it should be on by default.

Scan QR code

You can even make QR Codes

You can easily generate a QR code using a site like or you can use the Open Source code to generate codes for you if you have a smart developer on hand.  Also many websites can quickly make QR codes for you, which you can then download as an image, print out, or just save for later retrieval from your Photos app.

You can visit  goQR.meThe QR Code Generator, and QRCodeMonkey. The encoding format for QR codes is standardized, so it really doesn’t matter which site you use, just pick the one with the features and interface you like best to make QR Codes for yourself.

Next time you visit such casino that asks you for a QR code don’t hesitate to scan it with your iPad because it’s so easy and simply.