How to upload multiple files at once to Dropbox from iPad?

Dropbox on iPad

Dropbox as you all might be knowing is the easiest way to upload files be it your office documents, photos or videos. Dropbox app can be downloaded all free for your iPad from the app store. Log in with the email address you want to associate with Dropbox and once done on your device you can start uploading multiple files at once.

Dropbox guide

Here’s how you can upload multiple files to Dropbox at once from your iPhone or iPad.

How to Upload your photos

To upload multiple photos to Dropbox at once on iPad

Open Dropbox on your iPad

Then tap the create button (has a + over it).

Next tap Upload Photos.

Upload photos with dropbox on iPad

Now tap all of the photos or videos that you want to upload.

Then tap next.

Upload photos with dropbox

Now tap a location under Upload To or tap Choose a Different Folder

Next tap Upload.

How to upload multiple files in iPad with dropbox

How to Upload multiple files to Dropbox at once using the Files app on iPad

If you want to upload multiple types of other files, you can do so using the built-in iOS Files app.

Simply open Files on your iPad.

Now choose the location that has the files you want to move to Dropbox.

Then tap Select.

How to upload files with dropbox

Next Tap the files you want to copy to Dropbox.

Now Tap the Move button

Tap Dropbox.

How to upload files with dropbox

Next Tap the destination where you want to store the files.

Now Tap Copy.

Dropbox app

You can download the dropbox app from app store and get going.