In the Ring Tonight – Google Nexus 7 vs. Apple iPad Mini

google 7 nexus ipad mini

The battle of the tablet PC is really on between Google’s newcomer to the market the Nexus 7 and the massively popular brand Apple with its mini-iPad. In any case, we hope you find this article beneficial for when considering the purchase of either product.

One of the major factors when considering purchasing a piece of equipment is the price and the amount of storage you are going to receive for that product. Your planned use of the tablet will affect the amount of storage for example if you intend on downloading films you’ll need more space than just listening to music. The price difference between the iPadmini and the Nexus 7 is actually quite stark; for a standard 16GB version of both products the different is $130. If you double the storage to 32GB, the price difference also increases by $50 to a total of $180. However, the price isn’t the only deciding factor to take into consideration.

Looking at the displays offered by the different products you will note a trade-off between the screen size and its resolution. For example; the iPad mini has a larger screen (only fractionally) when compared to the Nexus 7 but has a comparatively lower resolution. Equally, the iPad mini doesn’t have the new Retina display technology announced by Apple which will feature in the iPad 4 – perhaps this is something we will see in the iPad mini 2? Another trade-off between the two products is the aspect ratio; the iPad mini has an aspect ratio of 4:3 whilst the Nexus 7 has an aspect ratio of 16:9, in simple terms this means the iPad mini has a wider screen which means you can view more on it at any one time during web browsing for example.

In terms of structural differences between the two products; there are few. The components used to make up both are also similar and therefore not worth mentioning. However, curiously whilst the two products have similar batteries, their battery life (especially in Wi-Fi conditions) are drastically different, the Nexus 7 can typically last for a few days whilst the iPad mini can last for potentially over a week.

There are various other differences between the two products in terms of their processing speed, availability of an established developer community to release interesting and engaging products but these are typically secondary to the details ‘on the box’.