Spring Break

The game “Spring Break” is a new online pokie machine game based on the popular computer game also named “Spring Break”. The ethos is all about emulating the warm weather and outdoors fun which come with schools breaking up each and every year.

The graphic and tile set in the game have been designed to reflect this closely by featuring; holidaying families, a single man in a swimming pool, bikini beach babes tanning, people watching the sunset, a barbecuing scene which leads onto food and drink symbols including hamburgers, pizza, nachos, beer and ice creams.

Basic Features

Spring Break is a five reel Microgaming pokies game which can pay out on nine difference lines, depending on the level of activation you choose. You can place bets from anything as a low as a single penny up to half a pound.

For a penny online slot game, this is a fairly good range. Players are able to either bet with 1-9 coins per spin or they can attempt a bet at 1-5 coins per line.

Players can access the “Spring Break” game on mobile devices depending on what they use. Computers and laptops, with a stable internet connection can access the game. Equally, players using mobile devices such as smartphones and iPad’s or iPods can also access “Spring Break”.

The Bonuses

After winning any lines on the “Spring Break” game you can either choose to gamble your win or bank it, if you choose to gamble the win, they if successful you can either double or quadruple the win.

The gamble feature requires you to successfully guess the colour of a faced down card for the challenge to be accepted – you can also use the auto-play function for the gamble opportunities. Otherwise, simply hitting “Collect” will exit the gamble feature and save your winnings.

Scatter and Wild Play

When playing, the wins are paid from left to right, the only exception this rule is during scatter conditions, in which case the pay can be of any combination.

It’s worth noting that only the highest win will be paid to the player per selected pay line, you cannot choose multiple lines. Whilst some online game providers have shied away from offering such games as “Spring Break”, this one hasn’t and it is certainly becoming a favorite whether you decide to play it on a mobile device such as a iPad or iPod or whether you play it at home, there’s almost a guaranteed level of enjoyment.

How to play Spring Break on your iPad

Spring Break is certainly a favorite game with us and you will certainly enjoy yourself whilst recreating those spring break memories. You are able to play the Spring Break game on an iPad device, below are the steps which allow you to play Spring Break:

  1. Click on ‘Play Now’ button.
  2. Register for free and.
  3. Play right on your browser.
  4. You can play just for Fun or with Real Cash. It’s really up to you.