iOS 9 Screen Multitasking Feature- What you can get the most out of your iPad

iPad iOS 9

With the release of iOS 9 iPad users have got to benefit from the new features. New Split-Screen multitasking feature to the iPad now lets you to operate two apps simultaneously There are three different multitasking features that are available on various iPad models: Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture.

Split View

Split View is the best feature which iOS 9 has come up with. With Split View feature you can split the screen into two sections so that you can have two apps open side by side at the same time. The apps will need to be responsive in order for them to work and display content appropriately in this new mode.

Benefits of this feature

  • Both apps active side by side
  • You can multitask in apps effectively.
  • Now easier to get things done.
  • You may be working on a paper and need to take notes from the apps.
  • You may need to look at an image in one app while accessing more info in another app.

Ideal for professionals, online shoppers and students

  • As a professional you will have the option to “slide over” with each of the apps, so you can respond to a message/notification/email in one app, then slide that app away and return to the second app and continue where you left off.
  • Online shoppers can have your favorite fashion blogger’s app open while simultaneously have the shopping app open to peruse your choice of styles, brands, and trends and then shop online
  • Beneficial for students as you can work in one application to source information and then use the split view function to open an application for note taking and begin typing the text you want to this note taking app.

Slide Over

iPad Slide Over

Slide Over though not a full multitasking feature but lets both apps open one open and one to pause. When the side pane is open, the app that’s taking up most of the screen is paused and relegated to the background. Slide Over can be used in portrait or landscape mode and is useful for answering a quick message or looking something up in Safari while using another app. Pulling the Slide Over window further towards the middle of the screen in landscape mode on an iPad Air 2 or an iPad mini 4 will activate Split View.

Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture

With Picture in Picture multitasking feature  you can watch videos or participate in FaceTime video calls while using other apps. When on a FaceTime call or when watching a movie, tapping on the Home button sends the video to a corner of the iPad’s display. From that visual at the corner you’re able to use other apps while you watch the movie or carry on with the FaceTime conversation.

Compatibility Note

With  iPad Air 2 or an iPad mini 4, and iPad Pro you can use all three of the different multi-tasking features because they have better processors and 2GB RAM to support full multitasking.

With an iPad Air, iPad mini 2, or iPad mini 3, you can use Slide Over and Picture in Picture, but you can’t use Split View because those older iPad models are not powerful enough to support two apps at once. If you have an older iPad, like an iPad 2, an older Retina model, or an original iPad mini, none of the multitasking features will be available.